2018-07-23 training log

Carbs make a huge difference in performance.

I’ve been feeling a little bloated, so I’m opting to trim back the carb intake. Started Friday, did it over the weekend, and will probably continue for a few more days. I’m not going no-carb, just reduction. I’ll have some in the morning around my workouts and in the evening, but mid-day aiming to be as carb-less as I can get. Nothing scientific here other than simple reduction in caloric intake, and doing it “mid-day” just works well for me, life, family, etc.

But boy, I felt it today.

Now it was strategic: this is a simple 5’s week. No PR set, no Jokers, just intended to be a light week. But man, when I got that 285 on my back, it felt heavy and 5 reps felt impossible. But again, expected and calculated. I can take it this week — I won’t be able to take it next week. Plus I have to teach this weekend and with the weather as grueling as it is now, I have to be in good form. So I’ll probably keep this up through Wednesday at most, then get back on carbs.


Apart from that, things went ok.

Squats were fine. Felt a little out of groove the whole time, but nothing too bad.

On the 1-leg Leg Press a few things. 1. I’ve always put 45# in extra for the sled. Skipping that. Just straight weight now — I’ve mis-loaded the sled a few times because of that, so it’s just easier to put the weights in. 2. I’m going AMRAP now because I want to see if that will be more fruitful for me.

Calf raises. I’m not sure what gives here. I feel I’m at a plateau, so I’m going to find a way to bust it. Not sure what I want to do just yet.

And I’m going ahead with my plan to add some sort of biceps curl to every workout. I was originally going to wait until next cycle, but might as well start now — it’s been helpful. It won’t be much, just 3-ish sets of like 6-20 reps (depending, I’ll mix it up). Today I opted to do reverse curls. Tommorrow will be Hammer curls. Deadlift day, not sure, might do one-hand cable curls or something. Then I really like saving the 100’s for Press day. Just something so there’s a little biceps work every day. I want to see how much benefit I get from it.

5/3/1 (3rd cycle, anchor, 3/5/1, PR, Jokers, FSL; modified for knee rehab)

  • Squat (superset with band pullaparts)
    • bar x 5
    • 135 x 5
    • 165 x 5
    • 200 x 3
    • 220 x 5
    • 250 x 5
    • 285 x 5
  • Band Pullaparts
    • Not tracked
  • 1-Leg Leg Press
    • 45 x 15e
    • 45 x 15e
    • 45 x 13e
  • 1-Leg Leg Extensions
    • 40 x 12e
    • 40 x 12e
    • 40 x 12e
  • Front Plate Raises (all the way overhead)
    • 45 x 15
    • 45 x 15
    • 45 x 13
  • Reverse Curls
    • 65 x 10
    • 65 x 10
    • 65 x 10
  • Stair Calves
    • 70 x 15
    • 70 x 12
    • 70 x 12
  • Bike
    • 10 minutes