2018-07-16 training log

New cycle. Time to squat.

While I’m trying to migrate my programming to “my needs”, I’m still willing to explore new things to see how well they address my needs. One of them is taking a bit of a periodized approach, and so Wendler’s new approach of “leader & anchor” somewhat lends to that.

The next 3 weeks will be based around: 3/5/1, FSL, and Jokers. I’ve never done 3/5/1 nor Jokers before. And to be honest, Jokers give me a bit of reserve because yeah — on paper it seems crazy. šŸ™‚ But I want the challenge. And really when you get down to it, it’s not that bad a thing. If you’ve programmed things right, if you proceed smart, it should be all good.

And it was.

Today then was “3’s week”, with a PR set. I haven’t done PR sets in a long time, and I really was happy to get back. I set a goal of 7 reps and achieved it. Then did a couple Joker sets. I did take longer rest periods to get up there, but really the sets went fine. Plus, I didn’t take the Jokers as something to kill me, just to challenge me. So the 315 for 2 felt like I could have done at least 1 more, but why? And the 330, I was just happy to have a clean single with it and left it at that. Sure I COULD have done more, but for what reason?

And frankly, to me this was more of a mental win. As I worked up I could tell the 300 would be fine and 7 reps should happen (tho it was work, but that’s expected). Then after that, I knew the 2 Joker sets would be no trouble at all. And that was part of the plan too: just 2 Jokers, slight increase, a double and a single. I executed my plan, and things are good.

Very happy today.

As for the rest.

Band pullaparts. I was doubling the band for increased resistence, but I think that’s been stressing my elbows too much. Dropped down to single band and really focused on just contracting the upper back muscles to open the arms — much harder! Much less joint stress.

Instead of FSL’ing the squats, I’m continuing with my knee-rehab approach doing 1-leg leg press. I mis-calculated weight and had to adjust on the fly (thus the decreasing weights). Where I wound up was still a challenge and I expect to be here for a while — but it’s good. This is not about weight but quality reps to help strengthen my quads and VMO towards my knees.

BTW — my knees are feeling awesome. Haven’t felt this good in YEARS. I’m very happy.

1-Leg extensions I wasn’t sure about, but I want to continue working them again for the knee and quad help. It’s getting better, so we’ll see how it goes.

Everything else is everything else. No big comments.

Finished with about 15 minutes on the bike.

Nothing big, but certainly a good day.

5/3/1 (3rd cycle, anchor, 3/5/1, PR, Jokers, FSL; modified for knee rehab)

  • Squat (superset with band pullaparts)
    • bar x 5
    • 135 x 5
    • 165 x 5
    • 200 x 3
    • 235 x 3
    • 270 x 3
    • 300 x 7 (PR set)
    • 315 x 2 (Joker set)
    • 330 x 1 (Joker set)
  • Band Pullaparts
    • Not tracked
  • 1-Leg Leg Press
    • 135 x 10e (didn’t get full ROM)
    • 115 x 8e
    • 115 x 8e
  • 1-Leg Leg Extensions
    • 35 x 12e
    • 35 x 12e
    • 35 x 12e
  • Front Plate Raises (all the way overhead)
    • 35 x 20
    • 35 x 20
    • 35 x 20
  • Stair Calves
    • 70 x 15
    • 70 x 15
    • 70 x 12