2018-06-14 training log

Man, it felt good to put 4 plates on the bar. I remember the first time I deadlifted 405# and how happy I was to hit that milestone. And today to be repping 405 as just part of a first cycle (i.e. “light”) is just a reminder to me that progress comes, it may just not come on your desired timeline. But consistency is what gets you there – eventually. 🙂

But I only did my work sets today: did not do the BBB sets. I’ve got my knee MRI tomorrow and I didn’t feel like pushing it. Furthermore, this whole “get on the spin bike” thing is kinda interesting to me. I noticed yesterday while just walking around that my knees didn’t feel so bad. I could bodyweight squat down (cold) without much problem. Going down the stairs didn’t feel as bad. I really do NOT know yet if things are just this way or if in fact the spin bike work is having a positive impact — but I’m intrigued.

So I just did the work sets, the assistance work, and then spent about 12 minutes on the spin bike. Again, I’m slowly working myself up to 20-30 minutes.

5/3/1 (Based on: Forever, BBB, 5’s PRO

  • Deadlift
    • 170 x 5
    • 215 x 5
    • 255 x 3
    • 320 x 5
    • 365 x 5
    • 405 x 5
  • Band Pullaparts (superset with deadlift warmups and work)
    • Not tracked
  • Upright rows
    • 105 x 12
    • 105 x 12
    • 105 x 10
    • 105 x 9
  • Seated Leg Curls
    • 120 x 12
    • 120 x 10
    • 120 x 9
  • Stair Calves
    • 70 x 13
    • 70 x 13
    • 70 x 12

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