2018-05-24 training log

Another lifetime PR set: deadlift 465#

While I don’t consider these numbers to be all that great in the grand scheme of things, the reason they matter to me is because it’s been about 1.5 years since I could lift such weight. Last time I set PRs was in December 2016. Since then I dealt with massive weight loss (and then strength loss), then various injury issues, and so on that really kept me back and down. I was hoping that by the end of 2017 I’d be 3/4/5: bench 3 wheels (315#), squat 4 wheels (405#), deadlift 5 wheels (495#), but various things derailed me. But things are getting back on track. I’ve gotten smarter, wiser, understand my body and needs better, I understand more science and art of lifting and progressing.

I don’t regret a bit of the setbacks because I learned so much from them. But they were still setbacks. And I think it’s fair testimony to Renaissance Periodization’s approaches that I’m now where I am (both the good and bad of that).

So I’m just happy right now.

As for today…

Based on lifts to date, I figured 405-415 would be the EDM. So I did a simple warm-up and work-up. Once I hit 365 I thought to just go 405 but then thought against it: too big a jump because if it did wind up being a problem I wouldn’t know really where things should be. So I opted for 20# jumps as a way to get reasonable jumps but also still know where things might actually lie when the lift slowed down.

385, no problem. 405 went up pretty easily too. So what the heck, keep going because once I detect a slow-down in bar speed or some grinding then I know the prior number will be used for my EDM. I thought about making smaller jumps at this point but then thought why? because that’s just second guessing myself, and if the “last set” is a little lighter for an EDM so what? starting too light is fine. 425 started to feel a bit of strain but really still fine. So I said why not and went 445. Here I certainly felt the slow down and knew I was beyond EDM, but it still went up quite well. I knew my prior best was 460, and while I don’t know for sure, I reckon given where I was at the time technique-wise, it probably “legal but ugly”. So I figured to go for it and did 465: just another 20# jump, would be a PR, and what’s the worst? I fail. Meh.

It went up great. Not without a little strain, but I know I could have done more if I wanted to — there was more in the tank. But I figured this was good enough: I’m not out to establish a true 1RM, I’m not out to destroy myself today, just find an EDM — but along the way I was able to do something fun. 🙂

So I’m happy with it all, and have a nice EDM to work from.

Establishing Maxes

  • Deadlift
    • 135 x 5
    • 225 x 5
    • 315 x 3
    • 365 x 1
    • 385 x 1
    • 405 x 1
    • 425 x 1
    • 445 x 1
    • 465 x 1 (PR)
    • 250 x 5
    • 250 x 5
    • 250 x 5
    • 250 x 5
    • 250 x 5
  • Front Plate Raise (all the way above the head)
    • 25 x 20
    • 35 x 12
    • 35 x 10
  • Seated Leg Curl
    • 120 x 10
    • 120 x 10
    • 120 x 6