2018-04-13 training log

Not bad.

All in all, things proceeded about at the level I expected for this second week. On the templates, the second week creates a larger jump in intensities. I still am to go 2/fail. I also rated things so there’d be 1 more set per relevant exercise than last week’s session. And so, everything landed about where I would expect it to. Of course slight drop in reps, but relative to last week’s weight, at a level I’d expect (or just above). So all good there. Plus, with the added set it’s more volume than last week. All good.

That said, the biceps pain was there a bit. It didn’t affect the pressing that much, but more the ability to get things in position. For example, getting the DB’s in place for pressing was a little difficult because it needs the biceps for direct involvement to get them in place, then stability to keep them there. That wasn’t too happy, but things did go OK.

I’ve been spending a great deal of time working on things: tennis balls to muscle groups, foam roller, stretching, spending a lot of time to work the arms, delts, upper back. It just takes time. I also have realized my posture has gone into the can again, which I do believe contributes to this problem — the hunch, the rounded forward shoulders, etc.. I may be scheduling some time with a few gym folks to look into things a bit more. My goal isn’t to just manage the pain, but truly figure out where it’s coming from and why, so I can make the appropriate changes to avoid it. I’ve got a lot of data from before-times, and am collecting more now.

All in all tho, today rolled as well as I could expect. I won’t be rating things too high so I can keep volume about the same next week. What’s interesting about next week is the first 2 days go up, but the second two (deadlift day, bench day #2) actually go down — very light weights, and just triples. A small deload.

RP Powerlifting, Strength Cycle, week 2

  • Incline Bench Press
    • bar x 10
    • 135 x 5
    • 175 x 3
    • 205 x 8
    • 205 x 7
    • 205 x 6
  • DB Bench Press
    • 60e x 10
    • 95e x 8
    • 95e x 6
    • 95e x 6
  • Neutral-grip Pulldowns
    • 100 x 10
    • 160 x 10
    • 160 x 9
  • DB Lateral Raises
    • 30e x 10
    • 30e x 10
  • DB Hammer Curls
    • 25e x 10
    • 45e x 8
    • 45e x 8