Why Train?

“What is the reason for me to do this?”

For physical and mental health.
For self-improvement.
To challenge yourself physically and mentally.
To develop the bite that may help you through difficult times.
To honor all the men who have fought before you; it is part of your DNA to fight.
To show/prove to yourself that you can change through will.
In a world of “easy”, it keeps your teeth sharp.
Because we don’t have to chop wood anymore.
Being stronger is ALWAYS better.
To understand that there is cause and effect to action; and inaction.
A stronger body can equal a stronger mind can equal a stronger body.
There is zero negative consequence to being a stronger man.
To be a great example to your children; fat, weak and ignorant is not a good role model.
To exhaust your body and mind so as to suffer/put up with weak fools and ignorant beggars who demand what you have earned.
To learn self-reliance.
To understand that compassion and empathy is noble but not given lightly.
Because a physically and mentally dangerous man will always be needed.
That is why.  Thank you for your question and for your support.  – Jim