2017-12-26 training log

Deload. Again, one of those times where it looks pointless, but it’s good for you.

This is where deloads can be useful: a great time to focus on technique.

One thing of note is squats. The past some whiles I’ve noticed on my first rep sometimes my knees don’t like it. It’s not pain, it’s just a bit of… well, I don’t know how to describe it, but it causes some instability when I descend. Every rep after is good. But first rep is so important. I’ve found that changing my setup to add a couple bodyweight squats before I get under the bar is all I need. That gets rid of the issue and the first rep moves well.

Interesting thing today as well was trying to get my elbows more under the bar BUT also not letting weight rest on them. That’s been a source of problems for me in the past, and I think ultimately what contributed to my arm pain — letting the arms hold some of the bar weight. So what I’m trying is not just keeping my upper back tight but also mimicking a pulldown of sorts so the lats engage and since I’m pulling down there isn’t going to be bar weight on my hands. We’ll see how this goes.

Another thing? I’ve been reading in the RP Male Physique Templates Facebook group about some suggested alternative ways to run the MPT while running RP Diet as well. Something along the lines of running the meso 1 twice, then meso 2, and maybe meso 3 during diet maintenance. When you run meso 1 the first time, you’d use like a 8RM for calculations. Then meso 2 “starts over” (back to 3-sets) and using 10RM. The meso 2 per template, tho perhaps dropping 1 week to help sync with the Diet.

I’m still gathering information on why this switch (which seemed to be endorsed by both Dr. Mike and Jared). Not sure if I’ll do it. I find merit in doing something “as written/prescribed” at least the first time around so you can know what it’s about. From there, you can modify. I do want to understand why they suggest a different approach, so I’m asking questions to the group. But I do think I’ll stick with the MPT as-written to see how it goes. Who knows… it might be the death of me (comments seem to allude that way, that meso 2 is hell), but that’s still good information.

Oh and weight. So yesterday being Christmas, I did have some fun. I enjoyed good food, not going overboard tho. Just didn’t sweat things too much. Woke up this morning at 246#, which is great. Christmas morning I woke up at 245#, which could be true loss or maybe just down some water-weight. But my point is, I don’t feel bad/guilty at all; in fact, I feel pretty darn good. I’m probably 90% strict to the diet, not killing myself, but doing what matters where it matters. Progress is slow and steady, and again I stress that the scale is only one metric. I look in the mirror, I see how my clothing fits, I also look at some tape measurements, and progress is happening. Again it’s slower than maybe I want, but I think this is going to be more beneficial in the end.

RP Physique, Mesocycle 1, week 4, deload

  • High Bar Squat
    • bar x 10
    • 135 x 10
    • 165 x 5
    • 190 x 5
    • 190 x 4
  • Leg Press
    • 310 x 7
    • 310 x 7
  • Seated Leg Curl
    • 75 x 10
    • 75 x 6
  • Calves on Leg Press
    • 70 x 6
    • 70 x 6
  • Cable Tricep Pushdown
    • 40 x 10
    • 60 x 5
    • 80 x 10
    • 80 x 10
  • High Incline Dumbbell Press
    • 45e x 8
    • 45e x 7