2017-12-08 training log

Week 2 comes to an end.

It’s been good. I’ve been enjoying getting a reasonable amount of work, but not feeling so damn beat-up afterwards. Of course, volume is still low and it’s still “3/fail”.

Week 3 is where things get a little more serious – just about everything will be 5 sets, and going to 2/fail — that’s going to be a lot more volume, a lot more relative intensity.

Back to address a previous wondering — is throwing 3 sets of curls on a “random” day meaningful? Well, 3 sets may not be, but 4 quality sets sure seems to do something. I got a light pump, so there’s something going on. 🙂 I reckon as this goes on, it should get better.

All in all, I’m liking the approaches here. I’m taking in as much feedback as I can about how this approach works for me, and how I may work to structure my training in the future. I’m also wondering if I may NOT dive into my own programming just yet, but I am giving thought that if this works well, trying the full set of RP powerlifting templates. I know they’re built with the same underlying philosophies (because it’s RP and Dr. Mike), but obviously a different approach.

On the bodyweight front…

Weight has either stalled or slowed, but either way I’m going to Cut 1 now — and yes, now. No point in waiting for Monday (i.e. the perfect 2-week mark). Looking at the difference between Base 1 and Cut 1? It essentially drops 60g of fat/day (at least on lifting days) – protein and carbs stay the same. But hey, that’s 540 cals/day, which is a substantial cutback. Since Base 1 and Cut 1 are essentially the same in that regard, I’m going to stick with “medium” level.

FWIW, I have intentionally stopped doing extra cardio work. Why? because it gives me another variable to manipulate. When Cut 1 is no longer productive, I may add cardio in to help further disrupt calorie balance (burn more), to see if I can hang on Cut 1 a little longer.

Onwards. Looking forward to next week, ratcheting up the workload. Seriously, 2/fail is going to feel better to me.

RP Physique, Mesocycle 1, Week 2

  • Dumbell Walking Lunge
    • bw x 5e
    • 20 x 16e
    • 20 x 14e
    • 20 x 10e
    • 20 x 9e
  • 45º Back Raise
    • 20 x 10
    • 20 x 10
    • 20 x 9
    • 20 x 9
  • Front Squat
    • bar x 10
    • 95 x 10
    • 135 x 5
    • 175 x 8
    • 175 x 7
    • 175 x 7
    • 175 x 6
  • Hammer Curl
    • 20e x 10
    • 35e x 11
    • 35e x 11
    • 35e x 9
    • 35e x 7
  • Dumbbell Shrug
    • 45e x 10
    • 70e x 5
    • 90e x 18
    • 90e x 17
    • 90e x 15
    • 90e x 14
  • Stair Calves
    • 20 x 14
    • 20 x 14
    • 20 x 12
    • 20 x 11
    • 20 x 10
    • 20 x 10

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