2017-11-21 training log

Did NOT go to the gym today. Why? Pain. Why? Farmer’s walks. 🙂

Yesterday afternoon I felt this crazy pain laterally across my mid-back. It didn’t happen normally, but say trying to get up from lying down, curling the torso up, and oh geez!! It’s not much better this morning. I opted to NOT go to the gym, because today is squats and deadlifts, and a back in pain does not go well.

The more I think about it tho? I am pretty sure I know what caused it.

The Farmer’s Walks. 🙂

My lats are feeling DOMS like I’ve never felt before. This is truly a new sensation, and I’m actually fascinated by it.

Now, I can’t say for 100% sure it’s simply DOMS and the Farmer’s Walks did it, but right now all signs point in that direction. And so, going to the gym and doing a light squat and deadlift session probably would have been good for me. However, I don’t know for certain and I’d rather not risk anything. I’ll see how today goes. Who knows, maybe I’ll go squat tomorrow morning.

But really, this just furthers my appreciation for Farmer’s Walks.