2017-11-10 training log

I miss carbs. Carbs make life happy, and make workouts better.

It’ll all be good in the long run, but for sure I can feel the loss in the sessions – just can’t work to the same level. Everything felt heavy. But I do want to stick with it, because I have to manage my weight-gain.

I also think arm day here is what’s making my elbows unhappy, especially the triceps work. All things considered, I’ll probably scale back a bit to get things under control.

Not the greatest day, but it registered out OK.

  • EZ-Bar BB Curls (elbows in, wider grip)
    • 25 x 10
    • 45 x 10
    • 65 x 10
    • 65 x 10
    • 65 x 10
    • 65 x 9
    • 65 x 8
  • Close-Grip Bench
    • bar x 10
    • 145 x 8
    • 165 x 7
    • 185 x 6
    • 205 x 5
    • 235 x 4
    • 255 x 3
    • 225 x 9 (AMRAP)
    • 225 x 4 (50%)
  • Cross-Body Hammer Curls
    • 35e x 12
    • 35e x 12
    • 35e x 9
  • Skull Crushers
    • 75 x 12
    • 75 x 12
    • 75 x 10
  • Cable Curl (hold/sqeeze at top)
    • 50 x 40
    • 50 x 29
    • 50 x 21
  • Rope Pressdowns (First 20, twist out hands at bottom; remainder straight hands pushed to failure)
    • 65 x 40
    • 65 x 32
    • 65 x 20

5 thoughts on “2017-11-10 training log

  1. Man…I️ don’t know how you do it! I️ need to trim my carbs down. I’ve got 200lbs. of lean mass and 260 pounds of body. If I️ could lean out some more, I’d be a happy camper. But I️ eat WAY too many carbs. I️ do intermittent fasting, either daily 16 hours, or the occasional (weekly) 24 hour fast, and while that’s helpful, it’s really easy to go nuts at the end of the fast and, while I’m staying at my caloric goal, my macros aren’t sound.

    How are you guiding your low carb/no carb diet John? Got a template?

    • I’m in about the same boat as you. 😉

      One reason I stay away from the “anti-binge” approaches (like intermittent fasting) is because there’s often a rebound. So in the end, my caloric balance (over the days) was basically the same – all I did was torture myself. LOL.

      So what do I do?

      First, I primarly started with Renaissance Periodization WAY back when. I did 1-on-1 with them, but now their diet auto-templates are really pretty good, and of course cost less. They continue to refine them, and I believe a new version of the templates is about to come out any day now. I like these guys because they base upon sports science, helping people maximize performance in whatever way that might be for you. If you want to lose weight, if you want to gain weight. AND if you want to do it in a way that supports your sport work. RP could be used by folks that don’t exercise, but it’s not really intended for that. Still, basic principles are what they are.

      Even tho today I’m not strictly following RP, I’m still in the basic structure of that. In short, I figure how much protein I need in a day, and that’s relatively fixed (I aim for 250g/day, but if I hit at least 200g I don’t sweat it… just some days life is what it is). Fat, I try to keep just managed and low, but I’m also not totally lean. I mean, if I have a rib eye, I don’t freak over it. But over the course of a week, I will have enough chicken, etc.. So somewhat on the lean side, but not crazy.

      And so then carbs just end up being at a level of what I need to perform. It’s been trial and error. I can wake up and weigh myself, see how my weight is today, how it changes (or doesn’t) over the following days. I can see if I feel bloated or flat. etc. And I just adjust.

      The thing that I found helps ME the most is the manipulate the mid-day carbs. My wife makes great food, but it does have a fair carb component at times. Or maybe I just want a bowl of ice cream before bed. Since there’s much goodness in the evenings, I balance it out by not having much for carbs during the day. I’ll have breakfast and post-workout, but lunch? mid-afternoon shake? Minimal carbs. It’s in a lot of respects a mental thing for me — I can avoid carbs MUCH more easily during the day than at night, and it doesn’t wear on me. This is me knowing that I’m a comfort-eater. I don’t need much comfort mid-day because I’m working. But after the day is done…..

      Does that help any?

        • Cool beans!

          Really, I found the biggest help was getting the 1-on-1 coaching. I had someone I could ask questions to, that held me somewhat accountable (they granted I was an adult, so it’s not like they scolded me or anything if I failed — but maybe it was the fact I was spending so much money that helped me hold myself accountable!), and that could make specific changes for me and my needs. That set a lot of things in motion.

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