2017-11-06 training log

So far, so good.

My slow return to (flat) bench pressing continues with another successful day. No pain! I increased the work-/warm-up to a higher top-weight. I’ve found that I need to have a larger difference between the top set and the work weight to really get the most out of the over-warm-up, and the Basebuilding Model 1 doesn’t give me quite that (if I strictly follow the prescribed percentages). I figured I would have no problem because on close-grip benching I’m working up to 255 for 3, so 245 for 1 should be no problem. It’s not that I want a big top weight, I just want to prime things well for the work sets.

Every rep, especially the work sets, strives for good technique. Good setup, strong unrack, steady things, good descent, touch and pause, then press. The remaining reps can be touch-and-go, but full lock out, not going to failure, etc.. I’m still not 100% focused on C.A.T., but it’s there just lower priority. I want to ensure I’m remembering how to bench press after 6 months away from it, so it’s a bit more on technique at this point. I think the weights selected now are good, and I’ll stay here for at least a little while to dial in form.

But boy, that really takes a bunch out. 🙂 On the inclines, I’m going for a lower angle, about 30º, and oof, things are tougher. Same with pressing. But it’s all good, and about where I want to be.

Then – I finished with another round of farmer’s walks. Damn, I hate them, but they are a lot more fun than slow-steady stuff. 🙂

Anyways, so far so good on how this new cycle is going.

  • Bench Press
    • bar x 5
    • 135 x 5
    • 165 x 4
    • 195 x 3
    • 225 x 2
    • 245 x 1
    • 195 x 8
    • 195 x 8
    • 195 x 8
    • 195 x 8
    • 195 x 8
  • DB Incline Bench Press (350 Method)
    • 50e x 18
    • 50e x 12
    • 50e x 11
  • Press
    • 115 x 10
    • 115 x 8
    • 115 x 6
  • DB Lateral Raise
    • 20e x 12
    • 20e x 12
    • 20e x 12
    • 20e x 10
  • Farmer’s walk
    • 110# each handle, 30-ish yards, 8 trips