I’m still waiting for all the facts to come in before I comment on this event in specific.

But as a general comment, I’ll say this.

What people like this do will always “smell off” to people like you and me – people who have a normal sense of morals, of ethics, values and virtues. It’s difficult for us to wrap our heads around their behavior.

For example, a cop friend of mine was relaying a story of an incident where 2 women were shoplifting, with their infant children in tow. When store security confronted the women, the women used their infant children to beat the security guards away. Can you fathom that? Using your baby as a cudgel?

To us? That’s unfathomable. To them, it was totally acceptable.

And we can’t understand how someone can do that, but yet they did.

You get paid by having a job. There are those that view burglary and robbery as their way to “get paid”. So it’s perfectly normal to them to commit crimes.

Every day there are stories and events of people doing inhuman and unimaginable things. This is why violence and crime are such hard things for many to understand – because those who commit it are so far removed from our sense of morals, values, ethics.

It’s very human to look for the motivations, to try to understand why; especially because we hope it will allow us to prevent it from happening again. It’s also important for us to accept some things we’ll never understand, and some people may not be worth understanding – just accepting they are out there.

(The above was a comment I made on a friend’s Facebook posting about the recent incident, slightly edited for grammar. I felt it worth sharing to a larger audience).