2017-10-02 training log

Feeling… tired?

I cut today a little short, think deload. As I worked up on inclines things weren’t feeling hot — and my AMRAP/50% sets were static vs. last week. But then DB benching was flat out forward progress (fist time taking 100’s for a ride, which was cool!). But as I wasn’t feeling it, I cut things short. So the flies didn’t go to failure and I dropped the drop sets. I pressed as normal, but then the triset just became some light lateral raises.

This starts my 8th week, so it’s not surprising to feel some wear. Thing is that there’s potentially something later this month that logistics make sense to just take the week off — so I’ve been proceeding with the intent of working up until then then taking that week off. But that event may not happen now (still waiting to hear). If it’s going to happen, I’m going to push through and if I have to vary my session loads until then then so be it. But if it’s not going to happen, I may do a proper deload here, maybe reset some weights, or even change the program slightly. We’ll see.

  • Incline Press
    • bar x 10
    • 125 x 5
    • 145 x 4
    • 165 x 3
    • 185 x 2
    • 205 x 1
    • 225 x 1
    • 235 x 1
    • 195 x 9 (AMRAP)
    • 195 x 5 (50%)
  • DB Bench Press (pause at bottom, get the stretch)
    • 40e x 10
    • 60e x 8
    • 100e x 6
    • 70e x 16
    • 45e x 18
  • DB Flat Flies
    • 30e x 8
    • 30e x 8
    • 30e x 8
  • Press
    • 125 x 10
    • 125 x 9
    • 125 x 7
  • DB Lateral Raise
    • 15e x 12
    • 15e x 12
    • 15e x 12

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