2017-08-21 training log

Small adjustments made. Overall good.

Incline pressing continues to be the main movement. No arm pain during the session. I am pretty sure the pain isn’t actually arm or elbow, but shoulder. I’ve been focusing more on pulling my shoulders back throughout the day. I mean, I sit at a computer all day. Various chairs and couches encourage a shoulders-forward/rounded posture. So I am trying to be more aware of this and seeing what impact it will have. I’m suspecting something positive.

Pressing itself was fine. I’m still getting used to these bars and weights. There’s a lot of swivel, so when I unrack the bar it’s a bit awkward because just trying to balance things and keep things from falling on me. 🙂 I am probably going to keep the weights a little lighter until I feel more comfortable with these bars/weights at the new gym.

DB pressing I’m changing to something I’ve read a few times from Paul. A couple warm-up sets, then the first work set is heavy, aiming for 6 reps. Second set is lighter, aiming for 10-15 reps. Third set is lighter, aiming for 20-25 reps. Also, have a 1-2 second pause at the bottom to take momentum out of it; make sure the pecs are squeezing and doing the work. I didn’t quite get the weights right, but I like this approach.

Flies felt a little funny on my shoulder. I may continue to play around with angles, or I may have to drop them. We’ll see.

Pressing was fine. Then the triset… oye. That’s a bitch. 🙂 But I like it.

All in all, I think this session is coming together. Just a bit more fine-tuning.

  • Incline Press
    • bar x 10
    • 95 x 5
    • 120 x 4
    • 140 x 3
    • 195 x 2
    • 195 x 1
    • 180 x 10 (AMRAP)
    • 180 x 5 (50%)
  • DB Bench Press
    • 40e x 10
    • 55e x 5
    • 70e x 6
    • 60e x 15
    • 50e x 15
  • DB Flat Flies
    • 20e x 12
    • 20e x 12
    • 20e x 12
  • Press
    • 115 x 10
    • 115 x 10
    • 115 x 8
  • Front Plate Raise (tri set)
    • 45 x 12
    • 45 x 10
    • 45 x 10
  • DB Lateral Raise (tri set)
    • 20e X 10
    • 15e x 10
    • 15e x 10
  • Rear Lateral Raise (tri set)
    • 15e x 10
    • 15e x 8
    • 12e x 10