2017-07-18 training log


I knew this would be the toughest day so far, and sure enough it was. But it was far more a mental game than a physical one.

Yes, it was a lot of work. Yes it was exhausting. The shortening rest periods, the heavier weights, and even that I am able to crank out a few more reps on the bodyweight work — it all takes it out of you. Then you have to squat again before you’re ready and recovered. It’s a lot of work and it is physically demanding.

But it really was more mental. You want to quit, you can’t quit. You don’t want to do another set, you have to do another set. Things that help? Instead of 1 set of 5 reps, it’s 5 sets of 1 rep performed consecutively. I use that mental trick a lot and it helps because it ensures you put all things into that rep, even if you have to take a moment or two before performing the rep to situate yourself. Whereas when you do rep after rep, form and focus can degrade.

So hey, discomfort is how you get better. (remind me I said that every evening when I’m hungry). 🙂

I will say that it’s different to do this program for a few reasons. First, it feels odd to get so much work and feel it, yet I don’t have much of a pump. Second, doing bodyweight work every session, hitting full-body every session, that’s different for me. I am curious how that will pan out over the long haul. And yes, this change up is making me give serious reconsideration to my goals, in light of my grander directing mission/vision for why I go to the gym and do all of this stuff in the first place. I’m not sure, but I will say I’ve cracked out Paul Carter’s “Basebuilding” eBook again and want to reread it all the way through (not just a skim, full read).

5/3/1 Prep & Fat Loss Program

Bodyweight: 241
Rest Period (seconds): 80

  • Squat – bar x whatever
  • Squat – 125 x 5
  • Crunches – BW x 20
  • Squat – 155 x 5
  • Crunches – BW x 20
  • Squat – 185 x 5
  • Crunches – BW x 20
  • Squat – 235 x 5
  • Dips – BW x 17
  • Squat – 265 x 5
  • Chin-up – BW x 6
  • Squat – 295 x 5
  • Dips – BW x 12
  • Squat – 235 x 5
  • Chin-up BW x 5
  • Squat – 235 x 5
  • Push-ups – BW x 15
  • Squat – 235 x 5
  • Inverted Row – BW x 13
  • Squat – 235 x 5
  • Push Ups – BW x 13
  • Squat – 235 x 5
  • Inverted Row – BW x 10