2017-07-04 workout log

I knew today was going to hurt. 🙂

I mean, yesterday’s pressing gave me an idea of what this new program was going to be like, but I knew squat-day would be much more difficult.

Oh yeah.

By the time I got to the FSL sets (the 5×5@215), I was kicking into autopilot. Just do what I wrote down, just keep going, don’t bother thinking about it. Just do it. Just keep going. The brain is saying to quit, but only because it’s damn hard work. So no, that’s not a good enough reason to quit. Just keep pushing through it.

I’m expecting in a few weeks, when the work is harder and the diet has kicked in more, this is really going to suck. 🙂

Really tho, I realized why this sucks so hard — accumulation of oxygen deprivation. You do some set, holding your breath for each rep. By the end, you’re a bit deprived. While there’s 90 seconds of rest, it’s not enough to fully recover. Then you something else, maybe for 10, 15, or 20 reps — which leads to greater oxygen deprivation, again not because the work is necessarily hard in and of itself (5×5 @ 215 is easy), but because there’s deprivation, and you don’t fully recover, so each time is a little worse.

But, that will build up the ability to do work. The body will adapt.

All in all, today went well — just had to play the mental game and keep pushing through. To ensure even the last set of squats still was mentally all-in so things didn’t get sloppy.

Chin-ups did stress my elbows a bit, but I’ll keep going with it and see how it goes long-term.

I need a nap. 😉

5/3/1 Prep & Fat Loss Program

Bodyweight: 244
Rest Period (seconds): 90

  • Squat – bar x whatever
  • Squat – 125 x 5
  • Crunches – BW x 20
  • Squat – 155 x 5
  • Crunches – BW x 20
  • Squat – 185 x 5
  • Crunches – BW x 20
  • Squat – 215 x 5
  • Dips – BW x 12
  • Squat – 250 x 5
  • Chin-up – BW x 5
  • Squat – 280 x 5
  • Dips – BW x 12
  • Squat – 215 x 5
  • Chin-up BW x 4
  • Squat – 215 x 5
  • Push-ups – BW x 15
  • Squat – 215 x 5
  • Inverted Row – BW x 12
  • Squat – 215 x 5
  • Push Ups – BW x 13
  • Squat – 215 x 5
  • Inverted Row – BW x 10

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