2017-04-28 training log

I tied a rep PR, but the bottom line: I’m stronger.

The workup today brought me to 6 @ 165, which ties a prior rep PR. Thing is, that was set back mid-December on what was my last set of my last cycle of a 1+ week just before my “end of 2016” 1RM testing. So it was a “peak”, if you will. But today? It’s somewhere in the middle of the full cycle, on a 3+ week. So it’s just work along the road, not the end of the road.

Maybe I only tied the PR, but bottom line is I’m stronger. And that’s really what matters.

Opted to use wrist wraps and a belt, to see how that fares for me in terms of helping with my pain issues. Pressing doesn’t normally have a strong problem, but if things are hurting it of course is slightly involved. I do believe it’s a help, and I will continue to use wraps for pressing, at least for now.

Dips didn’t happen. Couple of reasons. First, I picked up a copy of Wendler’s new book, “5/3/1 Forever“. I’ve only just started to read it, but Jim did mention push-ups as assistance work. It was on my brain thinking it might be good not just for pushups, but because it puts my body on the ground (makes me move more, in and out of positions), and it puts my hands, wrists, feet, toes, etc. into some stretched positions that I believe I should spend more time in for my general fitness. I wasn’t sure I was going to swap it in now but, when it came time to dip, someone was monopolizing the dip station so pushups it was.

Anyways, things rolled pretty good today overall. Arms are feeling alright, not 100% but good. Good progress overall today. I’ll take it.

  • Press (superset with pulldowns)
    • bar x whatever
    • 75 x 5
    • 90 x 5
    • 110 x 3
    • 130 x 3
    • 150 x 3
    • 165 x 6
    • 150 x 7
    • 130 x 9
  • Lat Pulldowns (pronated grip, to chest)
    • 115 x 12
    • 125 x 12
    • 135 x 12
    • 145 x 12
    • 145 x 12
    • 145 x 12
    • 145 x 12
    • 145 x 12
  • Pushups (superset with shrugs)
    • BW x 12
    • BW x 12
    • BW x 10
  • DB Shrugs
    • 85e x 15
    • 85e x 15
    • 75e x 10
  • Front Plate Raises (all the way above head)
    • 25 x 25
    • 25 x 15
    • 25 x 12
  • Skullcrushers
    • 70 x 12
    • 70 x 12
    • 70 x 9
  • Hammer Curl
    • 45e x 10
    • 45e x 9
    • 45e x 7

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