2017-04-21 training log

It was a day.

On Pressing, the top set was the same weight as the “5” week from last cycle. I hit the same reps, which straight-up isn’t progression, but given the work-up was more than last cycle I consider it progress. It’s not a lot of progress, but it’s progress.

I did press the work sets using wrist-wraps, given my experiences and thoughts from a couple days ago (bench pressing day). It actually threw me off some because it does put the bar in a slightly different position and thus the bar path is different. The first set was actually really screwed up because the path was unfamiliar. I don’t feel I NEED wraps on pressing day as press doesn’t seem to cause me issues, but if it is wrist extension issues that put some stress on everything, it isn’t a bad thing.

Overall I felt kinda weaker today, but when I think about it I really wasn’t. I pushed the pressing pretty far, leaving a “maybe 1 more” in the tank, so I just didn’t have a lot left for the rest of the session. But then all “not-pressing” movements I did better on, so I think I was overall stronger, I just pushed hard. Whatever. It was what it was.

Dips are interesting to me. Every time I do them (since I started doing them again), the first couple reps are hard. My body feels unstable and doesn’t like it, taking me the first 2-3 reps to actually find a groove. Unstable, shaky, can’t go all the way down. But then by rep 3-4 I’m going just below parallel. I reckon it’s just from being “tired” and I have to get things into it, but as well the body feels…. loose? Not sure how to really describe it, because I’m not really sure what it is yet. Today I thought about scrapping them, but no, it’s really a sign that I need to keep doing them to suss out what the problem is and get better.

Otherwise, today was… a day. It’s technically cycle 5 so things SHOULD start to get tougher. It is what it is. I felt it was an OK day, just not a great day.

  • Press (superset with pulldowns)
    • bar x whatever
    • 75 x 5
    • 90 x 5
    • 110 x 3
    • 120 x 5
    • 140 x 5
    • 155 x 5
    • 140 x 8
    • 120 x 10
  • Lat Pulldowns (pronated grip, to chest)
    • 110 x 12
    • 120 x 12
    • 130 x 12
    • 140 x 12
    • 140 x 12
    • 140 x 12
    • 140 x 12
    • 140 x 12
  • Dips (superset with shrugs)
    • BW x 8
    • BW x 10
    • BW x 7
  • DB Shrugs
    • 85e x 15
    • 85e x 15
    • 85e x 12
  • Front Plate Raises (all the way above head)
    • 25 x 30
    • 25 x 15
    • 25 x 11
  • Skullcrushers
    • 70 x 12
    • 70 x 12
    • 70 x 8
  • Hammer Curl
    • 40e x 10
    • 40e x 10
    • 40e x 10