Moving up

For some time, Karl Rehn been pushing me to get my USPSA classification. I finally did last summer, landing in “B” class in Production.

I’ve made the decision I want to get to “A” class.

Why? Because once I get there I’ll be a better shooter than I am now. Of course, it’s the process of getting there that matters more than actually getting there, but aiming for “A” class gives a guidepost.

I told this to Karl, and have asked his help via private lessons. Show me where I suck, and help me start to unsuck.

Had my first lesson. Shot from my USPSA Production gear, and used my M&P9 M2.0 (Dawson sights, Apex DCAEK trigger). So it’s not a gamer gun, but I’m OK with that for my purposes and goal.

Karl had me shoot the Central Texas Standards. We didn’t focus too much on the 50 yard and 35 yard portions, but we did shoot them. The goal was to assess where I was and find what I need to work on.

I don’t need to work on my draw, as that’s pretty fast (tho I should move my left hand faster). However, working on a “precision” draw (e.g. draw to a head-shot, and remember this is IPSC targets with the 2″ x 4″ A-zone) is something I should work on.. Remember, it’ll be Minor scoring, so A’s matter. Drawing to small targets at longer distances as well (e.g. draw to head at 15 yards).

My reloads are probably my weakest point, taking way too much time. Karl gave me some homework here.

Weak-hand. Longer distances. And at shorter distances, really pushing the speed.

So yes, much to work on. “A” class is not out of my grasp, it just needs work.