2017-03-30 training log

Today had to be a “jack shit” day as I had to get somewhere early today.

Things felt a little heavy, but I still moved around alright. The top set was a rep-PR, so cool there.

In related news, I have some thoughts about rest. That either I’ll go to 3x/week and stick with 6-week cycle (well, 2-cycles back to back before deload), or stick with 4x/week but deload after each cycle. Not sure yet….

  • Deadlift
    • 170 x 5
    • 210 x 5
    • 250 x 3
    • 295 x 3
    • 335 x 3
    • 380 x 7 (7 rep PR)
    • 335 x 7
    • 295 x 9

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