2017-03-09 training log

Today was alright.

I’m around the point where my weights are at or starting to exceed where they were from before the reset. So it’s about to be “all gravy” from here on out. On paper things seem weaker, but so long as there continues to be progress, then it’s progress, y’know?

Benching went well. I enjoy doing the pause on the first rep — I feel like I’m actually pressing the weight, instead of using physics to move it. Nothing wrong with a little physics sometimes, but in general I want to be stronger so better to be tougher now.

Everything else just is what it is. Assistance work, and it goes alright.

Two big things tho.

First, I talked with my doctor about my knee issue. Hard to say exactly what it is at this time, but we’re starting with a steroid anti-inflammatory to see if that helps. I’m also going to cut my leg work (mostly) off for the next week in conjunction. So tomorrow I’m likely going to work up, probably just go for a rep PR on the 1+ set, then stop. Then next week I’ll probably deload, which wasn’t part of the plan, but I reckon I need to tend to my knee.

Second, I am thinking about program change, mostly in light of these issues. I am getting a plan formulated and am liking where it goes. Once I have something, I’ll write up a log entry to detail and explain my choices.

Based upon 5/3/1 for Powerlifting, off-season for mass

  • Bench Press (superset lat pulldowns)
    • bar x whatever
    • 100 x 5
    • 125 x 5
    • 155 x 3
    • 190 x 5
    • 215 x 3
    • 240 x 2
    • 215 x 8
    • 190 x 10
  • Wide, pronated grip lat pulldowns
    • 100 x 12
    • 110 x 12
    • 120 x 12
    • 130 x 12
    • 130 x 12
    • 130 x 12
    • 130 x 12
    • 130 x 12
  • DB Bench Press
    • 70e x 10
    • 70e x 10
    • 70e x 9
    • 70e x 8
    • 70e x 8
  • Chest-Supported DB Row
    • 60e x 12
    • 60e x 12
    • 60e x 10
    • 60e x 10
    • 60e x 8
  • Pushdowns (EZ-bar)
    • 45 x 100
  • Face Pulls
    • 50 x 100

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