2017-01-26 training log

Rest-pause is fun. 🙂

So I remembered to do rest-pause on the drop set at the end of bench pressing. Good times. Dropped a bit on the DB bench as a result, but that’s acceptable.

Pulldowns — work to initiate the pull with the lats, thinking about bringing the upper arms down and in — not pullilng the weight down. It’s a different mechanism, and hits the lats better. Still working, still improving on technique.

Everything else was what it was. Good solid day.

That said, it’s crazy but yes, I do start to think that once I hit my strength numbers, I may go off into the world of hypertrophy training. I won’t abandon the strength work, it just will no longer be the focus. It’ll all be about, as Arnold said, chasing the pump.

Weight-wise, yesterday I dropped to 237 but was up 2 today for some reason. Dunno what’s got me bloated because for sure that’s not tissue. The one thing I wonder about is how RP changed their approach. Used to be off-days for me had carbs in the morning and none at night, but now they have them at night — because it’s easier for the majority of clients to manage hunger and such by having no carbs in the morning but carbs at night. So maybe that’s having me blimp up a little bit. But whatever, the scale only matters so much. The one thing I have noticed is I do feel a little less “fronty” with my stomach. Tissue is actually coming off, slow but sure. Just stick to the plan, believe in the process, look at all the indicators over time.

Based upon 5/3/1 for Powerlifting, off-season for mass

  • Bench Press (superset with medium-rep lat pulldowns)
    • bar x whatever
    • 100 x 5
    • 125 x 5
    • 150 x 3
    • 165 x 5
    • 190 x 5
    • 215 x 5
    • 165 x 15/5/3 (drop set, rest-pause)
  • Wide, pronated grip lat pulldowns (to chest)
    • 85 x 12
    • 95 x 12
    • 105 x 12
    • 115 x 12
    • 115 x 12
    • 115 x 12
    • 115 x 12
  • DB Bench Press
    • 65e x 10
    • 65e x 10
    • 65e x 10
    • 65e x 10
    • 65e x 7
  • Chest-Supported DB Row
    • 50e x 12
    • 50e x 12
    • 50e x 12
    • 50e x 12
    • 50e x 12
  • Pushdowns (EZ-bar)
    • 40 x 100
  • Face Pulls
    • 50 x 100

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