In good company

I made Grant Cunningham’s “Hump Day” reading list for September 7, 2016.

The ubiquity of video today means that we can look at fights and attacks in a way that we couldn’t before — and, in this case, you can see what it’s like when a fight breaks out in a restaurant. On the Stuff From Hsoi blog, John Daub does a superb job of analyzing what you should do to keep from being a casualty of a fight you had nothing to do with. (My favorite: don’t worry about WHY it’s happening, instead think about HOW you’re going to respond to keep yourself safe.)

Grant, thank you for the link AND the kind words.

And I feel honored to be in good company. Not just making Grant’s list, but this particular list contains articles from: Jim Wilson, Greg Ellifritz, Caleb Causey, Tiger McKee, Wim Demeere, and Darryl Bolke. If you’re curious about people worth paying attention to, there’s a good list to start with.

Head over to Grant’s reading list and get your learn on.

2 thoughts on “In good company

  1. See! Grant is just now finding out what we knew all along! Congrats! That’s some great company to be associated with. The only name I do not recognize is Wim Demeere.

    • Wim’s a good guy worth reading. And since he’s “across the pond” he has a different perspective on topics as well. Good reading for sure.

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