2016-08-31 range log

A short range time this morning.

Tom & Lynn Givens will soon be in Texas for an extended stay at KR Training. Many classes going on, including the Rangemaster Advanced Instructor course. I’ll be attending, and so that’s on my mind to prep for.

Today was pretty simple:

  • 3M Test
  • Rangemaster Instructor Qual
  • FBI Qual
  • Group shooting out to 25 yards

Why these? The first 3 are classic Rangemaster advanced drills, and the group shooting at longer distances is something I’m really working to improve upon. I wanted to do Rangemaster Core Skills, but skipped it because of time (it’s cumbersome to deal with all the time recording, etc.).

My first 3M Test was weird. I guess I hadn’t mentally checked in and the test ran weird. I passed, but did it slower than normal (just under 9 seconds). Just moved slow, had a minor brain fart for the malfunction and the reload. It was just weird. But in a way, I thought it was a good thing because well, the flag doesn’t fly when you’re warmed up and ready. That was a true cold performance, and while it wasn’t up to my standard, it was still a reasonable performance. But still…

Ran it a couple more times, got the gears greased up. Ran the Rangemaster Instructor Qual once, only dropping a couple at 25 yards. FBI Qual was the same. I just felt slow the whole time. I slacked off on dry practice the past couple weeks because of life circumstance, and it shows. Have to change that. I won’t magically gain skill between now and class, but I need to at least have a better edge.

Group shooting went pretty well tho. I’m still not that tight at 25 yards, but I was getting everything in the A-Zone most of the time, which is a big improvement. What was cooler tho was when I dropped I shot I knew it without having to look. It wasn’t quite a true “called shot”, but that I could feel something was off.

A short session, just to knock some rust off and give me a touchpoint before class (unlikely I’ll be able to have another live fire session before class). Dry dry dry work a plenty between now and then.