2016-08-26 training log

That didn’t go as planned.

On the 4th rep of the last work set, I felt a bad twinge pain in my neck, along my upper trapezius. I tried to keep going, but I couldn’t. Not just from pain, but because there was something else… hard to describe, but I just couldn’t move well. So after 6 reps I racked it. Then I turned my head and got quite a pop/crack out of my neck. Hrm.

Since then, my neck/upper-trap has been quite sore. This has happened to me a few times in the past, so it’s not totally foreign. It still sucks, because I’ll be dealing with it for about a week.

I tried to keep going, but things just weren’t having it. So I did my close-grips, then did some light DB upright rows just to get a little movement and extra blood flow up in the area.

In other news. I tried a variation on the pull-aparts that I got from Swede Burns. What I found was his approach really worked my rear delts. Looking at the differences, I can see why. In my normal pull-aparts, there’s scapular retraction, so there’s more back muscles doing work and the rear delts are almost just stabilizers. But in his, he has you with the scapula retracted and in thoracic extension (just like bench setup), so it’s all rear delt. I can’t say if one is better than the other, at least at this point just different.

I also saw something the other day from Paul Carter about rack pullups. Since I expect to get back to pull-ups next week, I think I may actually give these a try. I suspect they could be a little less problematic for me. But I have 2 days of pressing, so I think one day I’ll try the aforementioned warm-up/work-up approach with pulldowns, then the other I’ll try these rack pull-ups. See how they go.

Anyways, today was not the day I wanted, but it’s the day I got.

5/3/1 Simplest Strength Template

  • Press
    • bar x whatever
    • 65 x 5 (warmup sets superset with band pull-aparts)
    • 80 x 5
    • 100 x 3
    • 105 x 5 (work sets superset with more pull-aparts)
    • 125 x 5
    • 140 x 6
  • Close-Grip Bench Press
    • 110 x 10 (sets superset with even more pull-aparts)
    • 130 x 10
    • 155 x 10