2016-06-03 training log

Yeah, this is seeming about right.

Still sore today from Monday’s killer leg session, but workable. In fact, felt better to move around under some load. So yeah, hopefully this every 4-5 days spead of an A/B 3x/week rotation will be just right. Especially when you consider the intensity and perceived intensities are up there due to things like 350-Method.

Today was a little weird tho.

Something happened during front squats — I can’t say what, but it made things unstable for me. Sometimes this happens — something with the belt, how it causes some nerve down the back of my legs to be unhappy, and so when I get down in the hole things aren’t happy. It’s part of why I can’t do things like lay on my back and “flutter kick”. Ah well. All in all it was ok, just a little odd.

That said, I continue to work on my front squat form, keeping chest high, dropping straight down, etc..

The AMRAP set didn’t go as long as I wanted too, as it was my upper body that peeded out before my legs did. Still, that’s kinda the beauty of AMRAP+50%, because it’s 2 sets to push yourself. I did feel better on this than before, so things are improving, but still some ways to go.

Leg presses peeded out sooner than expected. I realized why: that first set went really slow because things are still a little tight and sore (esp. adductors). So with the eccentric going so slow that was a lot more TUT and boom — less reps. But it got me thinking that I may want to go that route — not some sort of 4-0-1-0 type of tempo or anything, but just putting a little more into the eccentric on the leg presses to mimic my squat tempo a little more.

And finally lunges. I’m going to try to change my mentality towards things like lunges, split squats, etc.. I keep saying how much I “hate” them. Well, I really do not like them, but I know they are beneficial for me in many ways, which is why I keep doing them. I’m just going to focus on the benefits and work to get away from the negative mentality. It’s a small thing, but it matters.

Oh… and while I’m enjoying the massing diet, I’m getting a little more bloated than I care for. Gotta watch that.

Music: Clutch – “Psychic Warfare”, “Earth Rocker”, and a few other random songs to finish me out.

Based on Paul Carter’s Guaranteed Muscle Mass” article.

  • Front Squat
    • bar x 5
    • bar x 5
    • 115 x 5
    • 135 x 4
    • 165 x 3
    • 195 x 2
    • 225 x 1
    • 165 x 10 (AMRAP)
    • 165 X 7 (50%)
  • Leg Press (350-method)
    • 225 x 17
    • 225 x 17
    • 225 x 14
  • Lunge
    • BW X 10e
    • BW X 10e
    • BW X 10e
    • BW X 10e
    • BW X 10e