2016-04-07 training log

I’m really starting to like back work.

First, today I did 7 pull-ups (palms facing away, pronated grip). At about 204 lbs. bodyweight.

I’ve never done that many in my life.

And strict ones too. Total dead hang, pull up, chin over bar, controlled descent, dead hang. No swing, no kip, no momentum. Seven.

Really really stoked about that.

Cool thing is, because of what I’m doing, how I’m doing it, etc. I’m really feeling it in my back. I’m really feeling the work. Which is something I’ve been working on the past some whiles with all my back work. Really move the shoulder joint through full range: fully forward, fully retracted, fully up, fully down. Pull with the elbows, as it’s more about the upper arm than the lower arm. Don’t focus on the hands because then it becomes “pulling” and you involve more forearm and biceps in making things go. Really make the back do the work. Moderately heavy weights, 8-15 rep range, and the reps only count if it’s full — but yet, keep doing the reps until you truly can’t, even if that means you get in a 1/2 rep or a 90% rep (instead of stopping when you THINK you’re done, because there’s probably more in you than you expect). And man, it just pays off.

Especially that last point. I mentally was tallying to 5 pull-ups but figured keep going. I hit 6 and part of me said “OK, stop now so you can have some in the tank for the remaining sets”. But no, I’ve really tried to make it so bodyweight stuff I push until I truly can’t. Number 7 came, awesome. I went for 8 and chin didn’t get over the bar. But even those partial reps I’ll take and work: hold it, struggle with it, try to get there, then lower slowly. That will still gain something and then the next rep WILL come.

So hey, awesome. 🙂

In other news.

T-bars I’m liking too. Really hits things differently. I need to throw these in more often.

I continue to like curl-grip pulldowns. It’s really all about that range of motion the upper arm goes through (vs. other grips), and I really get a lot of lat work here.

At the end I felt like “man, I need more work”. Then realized that I’m not throwing in things like drop sets, rest-pause. I really need to remember to do that on back days. Don’t know why I remember it for everything else but always forget it for back work.

So hey… a good day.

As for my weight… yesterday I was 202, today 204. I suspect I’m still losing tissue, just having a lot of water issues.

  • Pull-ups
    • bw x 7
    • bw x 4
    • bw x 3
    • bw x 2
    • bw x 2
  • T-Bar Row
    • 100 x 8
    • 100 x 8
    • 100 x 8
    • 100 x 8
  • Curl-Grip Pulldowns
    • 90 x 15
    • 100 x 12
    • 100 x 8
  • Cable Rows
    • 80 x 15
    • 90 x 12
    • 90 x 12
  • BB Shrugs
    • 225 x 5
    • 225 x 12
    • 185 x 20
    • 185 x 16
    • 185 x 13