2016-04-04 training log

I’m really enjoying this.

Just go in, lift, a little heavy, aim for a good pump, throw in something depending how things are going towards achieving that end, and just having fun. Really digging it.

I bumped up the weight on inclines. That’ll be good for a little bit while I work on bringing up the AMRAP+50% sets. I find myself wanting to be stricter with them, not sure why, but I think all the slower tempo stuff (2-0-1-0, 4-0-2-0) type stuff I’m doing seems to dovetail that direction. Of course, inclines are more for the movement, so work that.

But everything else is about the muscle. Like it or don’t, DB work really hits me better on a lot of things. The slower tempo, getting the stretch; heck, I even thought about changing the DB bench presses to something like a 3-1-1-0 type of tempo, with a pause at the bottom to really sink into the stretch. That happened a few times, by accident then by choice, and I kind of liked it. Instead of upping the weights, I may try that.

Only other thing of note was just some protocols:

On flies, again with a slower tempo on the eccentric, but also striving to ensure I make the handles touch at the peak every time — no touch, no rep. After the 3rd set of flies, drop set (10# selector each time) getting maybe 4-5 reps, and just going until you hit that weight where there’s really no more resistence.

On lat raises, after the last set I dropped to 15#, cranked out a few reps, then just did some partial burns. THEN immediately racked the DB’s, picked up a 10# plate, and did all the front raises I could — all the way up overhead each rep.

And this time I didn’t do any triceps work — they got enough work, and direct work is Friday.

Finished with about 25 minutes on the elliptical.

Pretty good day, really.

  • Incline Bench Press
    • bar x 10
    • 105 x 5
    • 125 x 4
    • 145 x 3
    • 175 x 2
    • 195 x 1
    • 145 x 12
    • 145 x 6
  • DB Bench Press (3-0-1-0 tempo)
    • 45e x 10
    • 45e x 10
    • 45e x 10
    • 45e x 10
    • 45e x 10
  • Machine Flies (4-1-2-0 tempo)
    • 80 x 10
    • 80 x 10
    • 80 x 10 (then drop sets)
  • Seated DB press
    • 35e x 10
    • 35e x 10
    • 35e x 10
    • 35e x 10
  • DB Lateral Raises
    • 20e x 10
    • 20e x 10
    • 20e x 8, drop set to 15e, then partial burns
  • Front Plate Raises
    • immediately after last lat raises, 10# plate for AMRAP

2 thoughts on “2016-04-04 training log

  1. Nice! I find that my workouts with DB’s versus bars these days is about 10/1 with DB’s, since I don’t really go for super heavy bar weights anymore, and certainly not without a partner. Not even necessarily for spotting, but just in case my ticker punches out. But I feel like I get a pretty good rip with DB’s. I’ll warm up at a medium weight to get the form right, then hit a heavy weight for big work, then go to failure on mediums. I do the lifts in 3, 7-10 minute rounds, with 3, 7-10 minute treadmill jog/run/sprint intervals in between, at varying inclines.

    • Yeah, you’ve got a different situation. 🙂

      DB’s are good and you can do other techniques (e.g. tempo) to help out. When I travel on business, sometimes I only have the hotel’s “gym” which is many times at best a bench and some DB’s. So I just do lots of sets, lots of reps, little rest, increase time-under-tension, and other things. I can still get a good workout, even if not ideal.

      But you… jogging… you can keep that. 😉

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