2016-03-14 training log

All in all, today went well. I got a couple more reps over last week, so that’s proper progress.

The main bummer came with, of all things, lateral raises. I went up in weight. First two sets went fine. On the third set, around rep 4 sudden pain/twinge in my upper trap/left side of my neck. I tried to push through a couple more reps, but no go. It was painful. I dropped weight and was able to do a final set, so nothing major here. But damn if things aren’t hurting, even now a couple hours later as I write this. Something deep in my neck/upper-shoulder area is really tight. Turning my head side-to-side hurts, can’t get full range. I’ll probably be extra sore and tight tomorrow, and it may take up to a week before things are fully normal again. Just LOTS of stretching, massage, etc. throughout the day today. Ugh.

Ah well, shit happens. I don’t think it’s anything serious, but it’s enough to be a bummer. Just have to manage it out. Glad I’ve got my Thera-Cane: should help me work it out.

In other news, I’m still hanging in the 208 zone. This is NOT where I wanted to be 2-weeks into the diet. So Nick has really bumped things: dropped food intake some, and really bumped up the cardio (ugh). It’s now 1 hour walking on my off days and 20-30 minutes on my training days. Geez. I hate it but I really want this to happen AND I want to try to get this all in before the end of May. So if I want it, I gotta put in the work, and crank. All there is to it.

  • Bench Press
    • bar x 5
    • 120 x 5
    • 140 x 5
    • 165 x 3
    • 180 x 2
    • 205 x 1
    • 180 x 8
    • 180 x 8
    • 180 x 8
    • 180 x 5
    • 180 x 4
  • Incline Bench Press
    • 135 x 8
    • 135 x 7
    • 135 x 6
  • DB Lat Raises
    • 25e x 10
    • 25e x 10
    • 25e x 6 (ouch)
    • 15e x 15
  • Overhead Triceps Extensions
    • 40 x 20
    • 40 x 20
    • 40 x 16
    • 40 x 14

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