The problems with drawing (especially from a SERPA)

My boss-man, Karl Rehn of KR Training, with an excellent examination of a piece of video that’s been going around the past few days. Click-through and read: not asking you, telling you.

Despite it being pretty well-established that the SERPA holster is A Bad Idea®, there are still those out there that deny the facts. But then, we have people who believe the Earth is flat and meth is good for you. What’s particularly damning about this video is it comes from a greater video that’s all about the denial, then within the video the guy does precisely the thing that shows why it’s A Bad Idea®.


What’s extra good about Karl’s article is he not only talks about why the SERPA has yet again been demonstrated to be A Bad Idea®, but also some other general issues about the drawstroke – including some good things demonstrated in the video. Things that many others are overlooking in their commentary on the video.

Look: you’re welcome to (continue to) justify your bad decisions – that’s also your decision. Remember, this is realm where ego-investment really doesn’t serve you well. There’s lots of good equipment out there, that does the same job better. Then there’s you, who can practice and even use video to help keep yourself honest. You carry a gun to keep yourself safe, right? So, make choices that help keep yourself safe.

2 thoughts on “The problems with drawing (especially from a SERPA)

  1. I love the title… Serpa Derp!

    Well at least the dude in the video has good choice in firearms! 😉 (I also carry a Walther PPQ)

    But holy cow. That holster is wiggling around like a jumping bean. And being I carry a PPQ I can tell you that trigger is a sensitive mistress and will bite you if not careful. (I actually cringed when I saw his finger in that position just after he cleared the holster.

    Now, I’m nobody who can claim to be all that much better (I’m still learning) but oh my God the Derp is strong in that.

    • Yeah.. there’s much that’s bad.

      Really, the bigger point is that people keep defending this holster as “acceptable” is what’s mind-boggling.

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