New Experiment

Look what I recently picked up:

Been wearing another one (with a SOF-T Wide) for a little bit now.

Full report later.

8 thoughts on “New Experiment

  1. John, I’m not sure if you are psychic or just that ‘Sick Minds Think Alike’ here….

    With the upcoming Tom Givens class I’m signed up for I’ve been putting some thought into how to carry a Soft-T and other relevant GSW med gear on my person.

    Standing by for your thoughts on this product.

    • I’ve been looking for a way to EDC a tourniquet for some years now. Caleb Causey @ Lone Star Medics and I have been going back and forth for a while on it. However, there’s really been nothing that’s been suitable.

      But this… it has potential.

      Jury’s still out. Only had it for a little bit…. but it’s on my hip as I type.

      To your above comment: I would say that this is not the best solution. That is it’s only a tourniquet. There are a lot of other things one might want to have or need. Of course, we’re limited by what we can carry, etc.. That said, typically when I’m at the range, I carry a fanny pack IFAK that has a tq, chest seal, Olaes bandage, and a few other things. Basically, it’s better equiped for things that might happen on the gun range. BUT, fanny pack isn’t practical for all sorts of carry so….

      Anyways, it’s just options and IMHO there’s no one right answer here. It’s about weighing contexts, trade-offs, and what you deal with in a day.

      I’ll touch on all this more, whenever I do the full write-up. 🙂

      • Hi John,

        Per my original comment I said other gear too… 😉 I usually carry a very minimal IFAK on my person when at a class or such. Usually in a cargo pocket. I like the idea of having the tourniquet on an easy to reach rapidly accessible setup like that gadget. I know a lot of folks with chest rigs/carriers place them on their gear too.

        I always have a full trauma bag on my truck for our range trips. It’s just too big for class or EDC carry.

        Anyhow, I’ll be standing by for your report of this gadget.

        • Yeah, I dig it. But of course, you can’t have a chest rig EDC (well, most of us can’t). 😉

          That’s all of what it’s about: tradeoffs and finding what’s workable for your context.

    • Yup. I dig the ankle kit and find it a good solution.

      But then there’s me — someone that likes to wear shorts, so it doesn’t really work out. 😦

  2. I’ve fiddled with the RATS tq some, thinking I could run it around my waist like through the loops next to my belt. That works, but the TQ is so thin, it doesn’t occlude as well as a wide tq would.

    • Yeah, I’ve thought about such things as well… but then, if it’s questionable in effectiveness, is it worth the time and trouble?

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