2016-02-12 training log

That didn’t feel like much.

But then, it stands to reason. This is session 3-B “Back, Heavy” — so, deadlift.

I haven’t (conventional) deadlifted since I think September, so I have no real idea where I was. I picked some reasonable numbers, plugged them into the Strong-15 percentage tables, and away I went. It didn’t feel like much, but week 1 of the cycle is quite light when you look at the numbers. Either way, a good way to break myself back into things.

Happy to be doing chin-ups again. I missed them.

Good mornings are a movement I’ve never liked. But I’ve been watching good technique videos on it, and figured I’ll go light, make sure I figure the movement out and really work to do it right. I’ll make something out of it!

Anyways, the past 2 weeks are a good start to things. My body is having some extreme DOMS from all of this, because it is a lot of and different work. The additional rest is good — I’m not feeling so worn out, tho I do have a little bit of “the crud” that’s going around right now so I am a little worn down from that. But all in all good.

On the weight front – down to 210. I am wondering if I’ll be 209 come Sunday, at the rate things are going. If so, I’m OK with that because that means moar food. šŸ˜‰

  • Deadlift
    • 145 x 5
    • 185 x 4
    • 225 x 3
    • 255 x 2
    • 290 x 1
    • 315 x 1
    • 330 x 1
  • Chin ups
    • bw x 7
    • bw x 4
    • bw x 4
    • bw x 3
    • bw x 3
  • Good Mornings
    • bar x 5
    • 95 x 5
    • 95 x 5
    • 135 x 5
  • BB Curls
    • 45 x 20
    • 45 x 18
    • 45 x 15
    • 45 x 10
    • 45 x 10

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