2016-01-21 training log


20 minutes and out.

Still tho, those split squats give me a wicked quad pump.

In other news… hanging at 209 lb. this morning. I reckon I’ll work to hold 210-ish for another month then start on another cut to get down to 190. I shall enjoy eating copious amounts of food while I can. 😉

I am also going to stop Inception and go to 3x/week. I think my body will be happier for it. Recovery is important. I don’t think Inception is bad, nor is it indicative of the program being bad or “too much”. It’s truly just a “me” thing.

Based upon Paul Carter’s Inception program

Week 7

  • Pause Split Squats (rear leg on bench)
    • BW x 15
    • BW x 15
  • Leg Press
    • 115 x 20
    • 165 x 20
  • Standing Calf Raises
    • 40 x 20
    • 40 x 20

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