2016-01-12 training log

Pretty happy with how that went — mostly.

So establishing a 6RM, and it went about as smooth as I expected. I hit 215 for 6, and I’d say it was a pretty clean set without ability for another. BUT… I think it was only without ability for any more because as soon as I unracked the bar, an odd sensation ran through my right arm — I felt weak. It wasn’t like a sharp pain or anything, but some “pain” (for lack of a better term, because it sure wasn’t pleasure) that just made that whole arm feel weak. I was able to finish the set, but it did throw me off mentally. I moved the bar slower too. And the AMRAP set afterwards certainly felt worse as well. Could I have gotten more if not for this? Probably, but probably not by much. So really, I’m not going to sweat it. All in all I think this sets up a good max to work with for the next phase.

One thing about Inception that bugs me is the time factor. Paul flat out stipulates 3-minute rests at times, which to me is fine for main movements, but when I’m doing accessory work it feels like too much. I mean, 3-minutes between sets on pulldowns? It seems excessive! And it certainly takes my 1-hour-ish in the gym up to about 1.5-hour-ish in the gym, which really does eat into the day. Since I was running a little late today, I cut 1-minute off the rest times for accessory work: if normally 3 minutes, went 2; if normally 2 went 1. That lopped about 20 minutes off the session time! And I don’t feel any worse for it. I got about the same sets/reps out of it all, and I actually felt a little more worked by it all — stands to reason. That said, being forced to take the longer rests, the structure of Inception, has actually been very insightful for me and I don’t regret being forced through it one bit.

Anyways, my 6RM is established, so I know where to go from here for the next phase. Huzzah.

Based upon Paul Carter’s Inception program

Week X

  • Bench Press
    • bar x 6
    • 95 x 6
    • 135 x 6
    • 165 x 6
    • 185 x 6
    • 215 x 6
    • 195 x 8 (AMRAP)
  • Lat Pulldowns (curl grip)
    • 100 x 10
    • 110 x 10
    • 120 x 10
    • 130 x 10
    • 140 x 12
    • 110 x 15 (AMRAP)
  • DB Rows
    • 55 x 10
    • 60 x 10
    • 65 x 10
    • 75 x 11 (AMRAP)
  • Bent DB lat Raises
    • 15e x 12
    • 15e x 12
    • 15e x 10
    • 15e x 9

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