2015-11-16 training log

Confirmed: strength is fading.

This is just the nature of the beast. I’m starting, I believe, my 15th week on this diet cut cycle. I’ve been seeing everything go down the past couple weeks, but you can’t be sure if it was just an off day or truly the start of something. But now that it’s been a few weeks of constant decline…. yeah…. I’m losing. It is to be expected, but it’s just no fun. It’s a reminder of all the ground gained and now lost that will have to be regained. But of course in the bigger picture, it’s OK because again the fat-loss is my focus and for sure that’s happening.

203 this morning.

Going forward, I’m unsure of what to do. Next week I will actually take some time off, including turkey dinner being my first cheat meal this month. After Thanksgiving, do I start back into things? Do I ramp it up even more (e.g. more dietary cutbacks, increased workload) to try to get things down even more? I don’t know. Body is slowing down, and if I want to get to 190, that’s maybe 2 more months of work. I’m not really sure I want to keep going without a break. At first I was thinking to just go on a weekly basis post-Thanksgiving, each week assessing and either continuing or stopping. Then I figured I’m so close, why not try to just gut it out until Christmas. But now I’m back to thinking about a weekly assessment or even just starting a few weeks of mid during December and start back on a serious cut after Christmas. So when I step back and look at all of this, the best I can say is: just take it day-by-day, week-by-week. I will get there — I’m closer than ever before.

That said, today was OK. Obvious drop in work because I just can’t “go” any more. But I pushed it as much as I could.

  • Incline Press
    • bar x 5
    • bar x 5
    • 85 x 5
    • 105 x 4
    • 125 x 3
    • 155 x 2
    • 175 x 1
    • 155 x 10 (AMRAP)
    • 155 x 6 (50%)
  • DB Bench Press (4-0-1-0 tempo)
    • 55e x 10
    • 55e x 10
    • 55e x 10
    • 55e x 8
    • 55e x 8
  • DB Flat Flies
    • 25e x 12
    • 25e x 12
    • 25e x 12
  • Press Behind Neck (seated, smith machine)
    • 95 x 8
    • 95 x 7
  • Seated DB Press
    • 40e x 10
    • 40e x 8
    • 40e x 7
    • 40e x 6
    • 40e x 6
  • Front Plate Raise
    • 20 X 50

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