2015-10-29 training log

The experiment is interesting.

I decided to try a different approach, working up on BB rows like any other “heavy/compound/main” movement. It’s too early to reach a verdict. It does feel good in one respect, but it also feels like I don’t get enough volume. So, I don’t know. I’m going to up the weight a bit for next week and continue with it for a bit. We’ll see how it goes.

Otherwise, things are working nicely. Cable Rows are really being helped by the different handle. Using the “nylon strap loops” allows my hands to move more freely, plus I get a little more range and squeeze at the end. Really trying to focus on using the back only, pulling from the elbows (if you will). The shrugs I kept light beacuse I’m still working on ensuring I find the groove there. Tilting my head forward, looking down, and I’m getting a better motion. I did up the weight slightly, and I think I’ll start to do that, but still keep the reps higher until the movement pattern feels solid and I don’t regress. Forgot to dropset the pulldowns (ugh). And the pullovers are finding their groove, tho I still think this will need to stay light until I feel better about it — it’s still a little uncomfortable on my shoulders, but it’s not so much the normal pains as it is just being stiff. I might also try using a barbell for this as I wonder if different hand positioning (e.g. wider) might be less of an issue.

So, experimentation continues

All in all, not a bad day. I’ll chalk it up in the 80% column.

  • Barbell Rows
    • bar x 10
    • 95 x 5
    • 115 x 4
    • 135 x 3
    • 155 x 2
    • 175 x 1
    • 135 x 15
    • 135 x 7
  • Cable Row
    • 95 x 12
    • 95 x 12
    • 95 x 12
    • 95 x 10
  • Behind the back barbell shrugs (smith machine)
    • 135 x 20
    • 135 x 20
    • 135 x 20
    • 185 x 17
    • 135 x 30
  • Close-grip Pulldowns
    • 110 x 10
    • 110 x 10
    • 110 x 10
    • 110 x 10
  • DB Pullovers
    • 25 x 12
    • 30 x 12
    • 35 x 12
  • Band pullaparts
    • a bunch

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