2015-10-08 training log

The log of no log.

Today is deadlift day, and instead of deadlifting I decided to sleep.

For whatever reason sleep has been lacking this week. It’s not been major, but I’ll wake up 30 minutes prior to normal, and it just creeps up. Obviously I’m not getting the recovery I need. My shoulders hurt, my left knee is just hateful… this is not a recipe for a productive deadlift and back session. I’ve got some things going on this coming weekend that I need to be up for, so I’d rather be rested and healed up so I can perform there.

This plus other things are making me think it’s time to ditch the Base Building for a bit. But what instead, I just don’t know yet. But it’d be “bodybuilding-style” stuff — moderate weights, higher reps, less emphasis on “the big 3” (e.g. maybe inclines or db presses instead of regular bench press; stiff-legs instead of conventional deadlifts). I’ll probably still avoid dips and chins as well for the sake of my shoulder.

Gah… this sucks. But better to find ways to work around it all.

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