2015-09-29 training log

Hrm. That may not have been the best idea.

I opted to move my bench to model 2. I ran into this in the past, where model 1 just doesn’t work as well for me on bench (tho perhaps if I was eating like a horse it would), but model 2 worked out ok. So last night I opted to do it. All in all it went well, but my shoulder isn’t too happy with me.

It is because of model 2? No, I don’t think so. But I don’t think the heavier weight helped.

At this point I’m starting to think I may need to totally change my upper body work. Jim Wendler posted this to his website just yesterday:

Question: I have a bad shoulder. How can I work around or through this?

Answer: This is something most veteran lifters have gone through. Rest is the obvious answer (as is an MRI and a good doctor, and I’ll assume these steps have already been taken). Here are a few more tips:

  • Start squatting with a buffalo bar or a safety squat bar.
  • Eliminate any kind of pressing from your training other than the main lifts. Keep all assistance to pulling movements.
  • Pause all your reps at the bottom.
  • Make sure you warm-up thoroughly.
  • If you’ve had shoulder issues in the past, don’t stop the rehab. It should always be done as part of your training program. You don’t stop fucking once you get married, and you shouldn’t stop shoulder love once it’s healed.
  • Make band pull-aparts a steady part of your training. Do 100 reps every day. Another great “rehab” movements is the full-range plate raise. This has helped my shoulders immensely and has actually allowed me to press again.

It makes me wonder if I should also “start over” with bench pressing. Drop the weight WAY down, never fewer than 8 reps, work on adjusting technique to be more aware of shoulder (e.g. I even noticed this morning after I unracked my shoulders had come out of position; I re-retracted them), add in more stuff like Jim mentions. In fact, that full-range plate raise is something that’s come up in some other contexts and I’ve been thinking about doing.

So… not sure, but it’s rolling around in my head.

  • Bench Press (Base Building model 2)
    • bar x 5
    • bar x 5
    • 115 x 5
    • 135 x 4
    • 155 x 3
    • 185 x 2
    • 206 x 1
    • 195 x 5
    • 195 x 5
    • 195 x 5
    • 170 x 5
    • 170 x 5
    • 170 x 5
    • 140 x 15
  • Dips
    • BW x 8
    • BW x 5
    • BW x 5
  • Incline DB Press (350 Method)
    • 35e x 21
    • 35e x 17
    • 35e x 14
  • Machine Flies
    • 70 x 10
    • 70 x 10
    • 70 x 10

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