2015-09-04 training log

405 felt good to hit again.

I remember the first time I deadlifted 405 lb. and what an awesome feeling it was. Today came pretty close to that feeling again. I lost a bunch of strength on the cut diet and have been working to get it back. My squat is just shy of my prior lifetime PR, I set a new lifetime PR in bench (tho only tied it at the end of this short-cycle), and while I’m nowhere near my best in deadlift, I did hit my goal for this short-cycle and am happy. It felt good to lift 4 plates again.

So I’d say this Strong-15 Short Cycle was a success. Pick your (reasonable) goals, put in the work, and it happens. Amazing, that.

I will say I wasn’t sure I’d hit the 405 today. On the 200 set my knee acted up. Same knee that always gives me trouble, and it was not good. I struggled with the 200 lb. because of it, but finished that set, shook it off, and just kept going. It’s a matter of how deep I go, and for sure it turned the rest of my stuff into a little more stiff-leg than I wanted, but still pretty close to a proper conventional deadlift. Bummer, but hey, the 405 went up so I’m ok with it.

Oh, and after I did that, I opted to just cut the session short. Good enough end to it all.

I will keep doing conventionals during the next 4-6 weeks as I do a short cycle of Base Building to work to cement the strength gains. If there are knee problems tho, I’ll switch up. But certainly after the BB cycle, I’ll put conventionals on the shelf, at most I’d do stiff-legged deadlifts, and then lighter for reps. I don’t need to make a situation worse, but I do think some of the lighter sets could be good to continue strengthening the knee area.

I am looking forward to starting the Base Building cycle next week. I’ll also be cutting back on my food intake… first true cutback in my cut diet. I’m hanging at 217 right now, which isn’t where I wanted to be (wanted to be at least 215 by end of August), so yeah… it’s time to pull back a little more on the food.

Strong-15 Short Cycle, from LRB365

  • Deadlift (goal: 405)
    • 160 x 5
    • 200 x 4
    • 245 x 3
    • 285 x 2
    • 355 x 1
    • 385 x 1
    • 405 x 1
  • V-bar Pull-ups
    • BW x 5
    • BW x 5
    • BW x 4
    • BW x 3
  • BB Curls
    • 30 x 100’s

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