2015-07-16 training log

Ho-lee-crap. That was intense.

Up’d the ante a bit today.

Front squats, the big thing was keeping my chest up/big. It actually hurts because that really drives my throat into the bar. But I want to really work on that form, because it really helps get the most of it the front squat. If I start to collapse over, not only do I risk dumping the bar, but it turns into a mess instead of a front squat. That said, when I start back on the cut, I’m not sure I’ll keep with front squats. I might, maybe alternating back squats one week and front the next, but I don’t know right now. Or I might do back squats only but low bar and high bar. Still firming up plans.

Leg press I just went for it and upped the weight. That was a good decision.

But then… the lunges.

Again, I opted to try that 50-rep challenge approach: pick a weight you can do for about 25 reps, then crank it out as much as you can, rest 15 seconds, keep cranking, rest 15 seconds, etc. until you total 50 reps. Of course, with lunges this is 50 each leg (100 lunges total).

Holy crap.

Now, I started with an empty bar (45#) on my shoulders, but when that only got me to about 15 reps I realized this may not pan out. Then I only got up to 21 and yeah… so from there I ignored the bar and just kept going. 15 seconds really isn’t enough to recover much, maybe only getting another 7-ish reps each time. But I just kept cranking and got to 50.

It hurt.

Like… it hurt because my quads were so pumped, the pressure from all the blood gorging my muscles was intense… it was not like a good hurt, this fucking sucked. It hurt like hell… the pressure in my legs was crazy. I sat there for maybe 5-10 minutes just pounding on my thighs, massaging them, pressing them. I mean, this wasn’t like a bad pain that I should stop and go see the doctor about, but it was rather amazingly uncomfortable. 🙂 And then I think about guys like John Meadows and realize that’s probably how he always operates and I’m being a wuss and never really pushing myself. 🙂

But yeah… these 50-rep challenges are going to stick around when I get back on the cut. I’m not sure if I’ll do split-squats or lunges, but probably just pick one or the other and do whatever makes me feel less bored.

Based on Paul Carter’s Guaranteed Muscle Mass” article.

  • Front Squat
    • bar x 5
    • bar x 5
    • 95 x 5
    • 115 x 4
    • 135 x 3
    • 165 x 2
    • 185 x 1
    • 155 x 11 (AMRAP)
    • 155 X 6 (50%)
  • Leg Press (350-method)
    • 365 x 15
    • 365 x 15
    • 365 x 12
  • Lunge
    • 50-rep challenge

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