Pro Ears – good customer service story

I like relaying good customer service stories, because I think we need more of them. Seems these days people prefer to just complain when things are bad and don’t acknowledge when things are good. So, let’s add some good to the world. 🙂

When engaging in shooting sports, hearing protection is vital. My hearing protection of choice is Pro Ears. I think they make a top-notch product that has excellent hearing protection as well as amplification that’s useful in situations like firearms classes. Being able to hear what you need to hear and not what you don’t, that’s important. 🙂

I own two pairs: the Stalker Gold and the Pro Tac Mag Gold

I have the Stalker version because of the slimmer cups. This is good for things like rifle or shotgun shooting. If I know I’ll be doing a lot of it, I’ll still put some ear plugs in as well as the Stalkers. This is because the slimmer cups of course mean a little less noise reduction, but also because it’s very easy to get that cheek-weld and then bump the muffs out of place. Having the plugs in adds some extra protection, and the amplification works to keep me able to hear.

The Pro Tac Mag Gold’s are what I normally wear when shooting by myself or in classes. What I like about these is not just the large cups and best noise reduction, but this particular model uses CR123A batteries, instead of things like “N” size batteries. I already have to have CR123’s because of my flashlights, and nothing else I own uses “N” batteries. So it’s nice to be able to simplify my battery needs. Supposedly angling the cups the way they are is to help with cheek welds, but I find it’s still a little too bulky for me.

Nevertheless, I’m happy with the products. They are expensive, but preserving what hearing I have left is worth it. Too many years of loud music, motorcycles, etc., so I’ve got some hearing loss. Preserving my hearing is important to me.

What makes me happier right now is their customer service.

The headband on my Stalker’s broke, so I went to their website and ordered another. I then received an email from their customer service people asking me some questions and saying I’d get a refund.


Did I do something wrong? Or is there maybe some sort of warranty issue? Or was it just my lucky day and I won the Golden Ticket? I didn’t know what was up. Not that I’m complaining about things, but it was just a little odd. So when I asked, this is what I was told:

Golden ticket time.  Every once in a while I reach out to customers that purchase a replacement item to find out the cause.  In this case we had a couple of people order a replacement headband within a few days and I wanted to make sure it was not a production issue.  We want to reward your cooperation and loyalty.   Thanks again.    By the way, if you have the inclination and are happy with your Pro Ears we do appreciate a review on one of the major web sites such as Amazon, Optics Planet or Midway.   Have a great day.

Best Regards,

Gary Lemanski


So check it out.

They keep an eye on what their customers are ordering.

They aren’t just looking at sales, but they are also looking at what they are ordering. They saw something that looked odd, so they investigated.

And there was no complaining, no arguing, no nothing. I’m not sure exactly what they saw, but it seems they identified something that was important enough to take care of.

They saw a customer needed something, and they did something about it… and I didn’t have to pay for it.

Does that mean there might be a known defect? I don’t know, and I’m not going to press the issue — I asked, and they responded as they did.

I had no problem paying for it — it was my order that triggered all of this. But to see how they are paying attention to their products, to their orders, to their customers — that’s really good to see.

And Gary asked for a review on those large sites. Well, I can’t give them since usually those require you to review/comment in regards to a purchase. But if that’s all they ask in exchange? I can certainly do so on my blog here.

So thank you, Gary, and Pro Ears. An example of good customer service — service that likely goes on all the time, without customers being aware, but certainly that yields a better product and business. 🙂


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