Dot Torture

Was able to do some live-fire practice yesterday.

Started out (cold) running the “3 Seconds or Less” drill with my carry ammo. Was rotating in fresh carry ammo so this was a good use of it. Annoyed with myself tho as I dropped 2 of the weak-hand-only shots. Ugh. Story of my life.

My original practice plan was to work on my draw times, but a couple days ago I changed course. I realized how in dry practice I was yanking the trigger a lot, so I figured instead of trying to go faster I should take some time to slow down.

I pulled out Dot Torture.

I’ve never run the drill before, and I’m glad I finally did. First run was miserable – I was going slow but not slow enough. See, apart from the target and what/how to shoot, there’s freedom in how you go about it. You can pick your distance, there’s no time limit but you can add one. TLG suggests starting at 3 yards and trying to finish the drill in under 5 minutes. So I kinda pushed that and yeah… was yanking the trigger — precisely the problem I’m dealing with.

I stayed at 3 yards and ignored time limits — the goal was to shoot it clean. I got a 48 out of 50, which I wasn’t thrilled about but at least it was WHO (again).

Certainly going to keep at the drill. Work to clean it, then try the time limit, then increase distance, and so on. It’s a humbler.

What do I need to work on in my dry practice? Still the same core things of a smooth relaxed quick draw, presentation, etc..  But more one-hand stuff. I do one-handed practice, but apparently not enough. 🙂


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