2015-07-07 training log

Why not. Up the iron.

Went ahead and bumped up my working weight because why not. I’ve only got a few weeks left before I resume the cutting diet, so I might as well take advantage of the food while I can. 🙂

I have to admit as well, that I’m getting tired of “bodybuilding-style” lifting. Yeah, the reps are generally good for me and certainly appropriate for the diet and “body shaping” goals, but I’m really itching to get back to lifting heavier. I keep thinking that, as much as I’m enjoying Paul Carter’s methodologies, that once I can truly start lifting again I’ll just go 5/3/1 for a while… just because. I dunno, in part it’s a longing for something I can’t have, so I’ll see how it actually pans out once I get where I want. I’m just growing tired of lifting how I have to instead of how I want to, y’know?

But that said, it felt good to bench 225 — been a while since I could, either because of programming or because of strength loss. Even cranking out 9 with 200 felt good, and I certainly left a couple in the tank so hey… strength is doing better for sure. It actually makes me want to crank harder on my squats, instead of trying to work up to 20 reps, again get back to 5’s and triples and such.

Ah well… I’ll be there again someday. 🙂

Based on Paul Carter’s “Guaranteed Muscle Mass” article.

  • Bench Press
    • bar x 5
    • bar x 5
    • 105 x 5
    • 135 x 4
    • 160 x 3
    • 200 x 2
    • 225 x 1
    • 200 x 9 (AMRAP)
    • 200 x 5 (50%)
  • Incline Press (350 Method)
    • 95 x 22
    • 95 x 17
    • 95 x 10
  • BB Row
    • 155 x 8
    • 155 x 8
    • 125 x 12
    • 125 x 10
  • Wide Pronated-Grip Pulldown (350 Method)
    • 115 x 17
    • 115 x 13
    • 115 x 10
  • BB Curl (350 Method)
    • 45 x 22
    • 45 x 17
    • 45 x 12

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