2015-04-02 training log

Deadlifting once more!

It’s been a long time since I deadlifted. Yeah I did some other styles of deadlifting, like stiff-legs, sumo, deficit. But straight-up from the floor conventionals? Not since August. In part, The Defattening Project, in part Paul’s methodologies didn’t promote straight-up deadlifting (e.g. stiff-legs instead), in part my left knee wasn’t happy about it. But the knee’s feeling better (tho it’s obviously not 100%), and since I’m on the final leg of things well… I figured let’s try things again and see.

Given it has been so long, I have no idea where things lie. Today’s goal was to just see if I could (conventional) deadlift without pain or trouble, then try to work up and see where things were to figure out a working weight. I did the workup in the 5,4,3,2,1 approach, making 25/45 plate jumps, then singles until it didn’t happen.

365 went up really well. Paul’s term “crisp” came to mind for sure. I figured to go for 405 just to see. It broke the floor but didn’t go anywhere. A little depressing to see I can’t break 405 any more… I probably could have made if I really put myself into it and worked it up, but no question it would be a true max and NOT what I’m going for. Ah well. I backed off to 385 to split the difference and that went up ok; a little breakdown in form, but still acceptable. So given all factors, I think using 365 as the “every day max” “working weight” will be Good Enough™ for now. I mean, today was a simple leisurely thing. I’ll use 365, calculate out from percentages, then hit it properly (e.g. 60-90 seconds inter-set rest), and see how it all goes next week.

Chins of course dropped in reps, but that’s expected given I wasn’t fresh. But still felt good with them. Cable rows were chosen to have some sort of row, but one that may not hit my lower back as much as traditional BB rows would. Then into the curls, which was a lighter weight than I should have used, but again today was feeling things out.

I feel like I didn’t get enough back work, but again it’s premature to tell and change anything. I mean, other days are the main movement and 3 assistance. Here it’s really main and 2, because then I work in a little arm work. What may happen is I throw in something like shrugs where I’ve seen Paul program something like just 2 sets: 1 5-8 reps, then 1 20+ reps. Or as I wrote all of this, maybe I’ll try DB rows… never thought they did much for me, but things are different now so who knows.

Anyways, all in all today was as I expected it to go. Next week should be more telling since it should be a “more proper” day.

Inspired by Paul Carter’s methodologies

  • Press
    • 135 x 5
    • 185 x 4
    • 225 x 3
    • 275 x 2
    • 315 x 1
    • 365 x 1
    • 405 x 0 (boo!)
    • 385 x 1
    • 275 x 3
    • 275 x 3
    • 275 x 3
  • Chins
    • BW x 5
    • BW x 5
    • BW x 4
    • BW x 3
    • BW x 2
  • Cable Rows
    • 120 x 15
    • 130 x 10
    • 130 x 8
    • 120 x 8
  • Hammer Curls (350-Method)
    • 20e x 30
    • 20e x 20
    • 20e x 15
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