2015-03-16 training log

Just another day….

And because it’s “just another day”, I think that may explain my thinking as of late.

Yes I know, patience. I’m old enough and been around the block enough times to know that, to understand that, to practice that. Nevertheless, I’m still human and we all reach a point of being tired, of becoming impatient.

It’s been what? 7.5 months on The Defattening Project? And there’s more time ahead; it may well be a year on it before I get back on the gain train. While I’m certainly happy for the work and the results, on the same token I’m eager to get back on the train. I’m tired of seeing my lifts be stagnant, which they basically have been for the past 3 months. And so, my thinking is trying to make up for that… to give me something more to look forward to, that I’ll be back and rolling before you know it.

But being realistic, I don’t know how long it will take to accomplish my next goal (3/4/5). But I know if I rush it, I’ll probably screw myself and have greater setbacks. I was able to run one Strong-15 and recall how I got essentially the game gains as on 5/3/1 but feeling a LOT less beat up in doing so. There’s great appeal in that! But of course, it was only 1 run of the program AND it’s a peaking program whereas 5/3/1 isn’t necessary so. I also have to remind myself that I’ve wanted to give Paul’s programming a really good run, and while I do think all this time Base Building while cutting has been a fruitful and worthwhile endeavor, it’s not working his programming towards the end I really want: getting stronger (and bigger). So I can’t really say I’ve given Paul’s stuff a fair shake, and won’t until I spend probably at least a year with it on the gain train.

I’ve been doing more reading, more thinking, and my present thinking is evolving to something like: off the diet, stick with the current program while my body readjusts; consider a Strong-15-short-cycle to try to help find where my 1RM’s are again but I may just spend a week and max out. Then, do a full Strong-15 based upon those numbers. After that, I don’t know for sure, but I’ll probably work Base Building and/or Powerbuilding (to use a Josh Bryant term) — building strength but through reps. See where it goes. Will I perhaps do 5/3/1 again? Maybe, but right now I think I need to stay true to a prior desire to really give Paul’s programming a fair shake.

As for the session itself.

Working to remember to pause my benches. Not everything, like the work sets will probably remain touch-and-go, but at least during my work-up, ensure that first rep is paused.

Felt a little less strong this session. That last work rep I barely made it back to the upgrights (sigh), and didn’t quite get the volume on my dips as last week. Ah well… we’ll see where this trends.

Based upon Paul Carter’s Basebuilding

  • Bench Press (model 1)
    • bar x 5
    • bar x 5
    • 120 x 5
    • 145 x 4
    • 160 x 3
    • 180 x 2
    • 205 x 1
    • 225 x 1
    • 180 x 8
    • 180 x 8
    • 180 x 8
    • 180 x 6
    • 180 x 5
  • Dips
    • WT x 10
    • WT x 7
    • WT x 5
    • WT x 5
    • WT x 5
  • DB Incline Press
    • 50e x 10
    • 50e x 8
    • 50e x 8
  • Machine Flies
    • 75e x 12
    • 75e x 12
    • 75e x 12

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