2014-12-09 training log

475 lb deadlift — Close, but not going to count it as a PR.

I’ve decided to stop deadlifting for a little while. Not a happy decision because I really like deadlifting, but my knee isn’t happy in a couple ways now, so I want to see if laying off the (heavy) deadlifting will help. Before I stop tho, I wanted to see if the sumos perhaps helped my conventional at all. So, today I decided to work up and see what I could do.

My best ever is 455, set back in August before I started down the defatting path. I figured if I could hit that today I’d be happy — if anything, on a cut, I would expect to lose something, but the work of the past some months seems to point to maintaining and perhaps a hair bit of forward progression. So, the plan was to just see what I could do.

I put on a belt at 315, and things were going quite nicely. 405 went well. 455 did alright too; worked for it, but solid. In fact, because I haven’t had a belt on in a while coupled with less girth around my middle well… the belt doesn’t fit the same of course, I don’t like a mega-tight belt when deadlifting (can’t get into position if it’s too tight), but on the 455 I had it one notch looser than it should have been so when it went up and my torso got really tight, the belt actually felt totally loose — the 455 felt like I did it beltless. It was certainly nearing my end tho, so I figured just go 475 and see.

I got the 475 up — for sure it was tough. But I’m not going to count it. It felt like I got 98% of the way there, but just didn’t lock it out. Could I have done it? I think so, if I had my shit together. I recall being up there and just having a “just keep pulling!” mindset, but at that point it wasn’t pulling, but rather I needed to squeeze my glutes and thrust my hips forward. I didn’t remember that cue until afterwards. I think if I had all my cues in the right place I would have gotten it. But that’s OK that I didn’t. I think I learned more from the failure than the success.

Regardless, that I was able to do that tells me my strength in fact is going up despite the cut. Of course it’s WAY slower than a proper strength cycle would be (what? only 20 lb in 4 months), but the simple fact I’m losing fat and NOT losing strength is awesome. Really, I’m happy with how things went, all things considered.

Then I squatted my normal routine. A little tougher since I did it coming off the deadlifts, but fine.

Then here’s where things change up a bit. I did some empty-sled less presses, just to get some reps and volume and blood flowing. Then some calf raises. This is in part how squat day will change for me, both to try to be a little less heavy stress, and a little more volume towards the fat-loss. I don’t expect these to be a lot of weight, just lots of reps.

The other change will be stiff-legged deadlifts instead of conventional/sumo, for higher reps.

We’ll see how it goes.

Based upon Paul Carter’s Basebuilding

  • Deadlift
    • 135 x 5
    • 225 x 3
    • 315 x 1
    • 365 x 1
    • 405 x 1
    • 455 x 1
    • 475 x 0.98 (not counting it)
    • Squats (model 1)
      • 160 x 5
      • 185 x 4
      • 220 x 3
      • 240 x 2
      • 275 x 1
      • 195 x 5
      • 195 x 5
      • 195 x 5
      • 195 x 5
      • 195 x 5
    • Leg Press
      • Empty Sled x 20
      • Empty Sled x 20
      • Empty Sled x 20
    • Standing Calf Raises
      • 60 x 12
      • 60 x 12
      • 60 x 10
      • 60 x 9

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