Good customer service

I like to give credit where it’s due, especially when it winds up being a good customer service story. IMHO good customer service should be the norm, but alas these days it seems it’s the exception. Still, it’s good to share the success stories because I think it helps us see who is worth doing business with.

This time, it’s Freedom Munitions.

I learned of Freedom Munitions via my work at KR Training, because some time ago Karl switched to them as the bulk ammo provider. I mean, when you have to go through thousands upon thousands of rounds per year due to classes and student needs, you need ammo that is available, reliable, and cost-effective. So Freedom Munitions ammo fits the bill, and thousands upon tens-of-thousands of Freedom Munitions rounds have been fired at the KRT range.

I needed to buy some .223 ammo for myself, so of course I turned to Freedom Munitions given the past track record and of course no one could beat their prices. Ordered 1000 rounds of .223 Rem 55 grain remanufactured ammo. No problem to order, no problem to ship… but there was problem to shoot.

Oldest and I were out shooting and the AR was malfunctioning quite a bit. Long story short? The primers were coming out of the fired rounds. Shoot, enough pressure to cause the primer to come out and basically stick to the bolt face, chamber next round, but firing pin strikes the old primer still stuck to the bolt face. Fix the malfunction, keep going… but then sooner or later it would happen again. I forget the failure rate, but it was pretty bad. We only shot 170 rounds in total, and if I remember correctly at least a dozen, tho I think a bit more, failed in this manner. It was pretty bad. And we know it’s the ammo and not the gun because anything else we fed the gun ran without a hitch.

I contacted Freedom Munitions about it. Another long story short? They offered to take the remaining ammunition back and offered me either a full refund or replacement with new (remember, I purchased remanufactured). The way it was worded I thought I’d get a 1-for-1 replacement, but no… I wound up getting a full 1000 rounds of new .223 Rem 55gr. FMJ.

As well, the lady handling the issue for me, Brenda Carrier, was very helpful. She apologized for being short staffed and that it took a while for her to respond to me, but she saw everything all the way through. She was responsive, straightforward, and worked to ensure I was satisfied.

I haven’t shot any yet, but I’m sure it’ll be good. Plus it’s all Lake City brass. Nice.

Am I bummed to have gone through all of this? Sure. But the reality is, it happens. When you crank out enough rounds of ammo, inevitably there’ll be issues here and there, so it happens. No big deal, and Freedom Munitions worked to make things right.


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