2014-08-18 training log

First, diet report: down 5 lbs. in my first week.

But that’s the thing, first week. The lack of carbs is going to cause a more dramatic initial weight loss because of water and bloat loss. How much fat did I lose? Hard to say at this point, but hopefully 1-2 lbs. of that is fat and not just bloat. Still, this is normal and “on track” for the first week.

So far so good otherwise. I do appreciate the simplicity and flexibility of the program. Yes there are lines you have to color within, but those lines aren’t so crazy restrictive (and aren’t too far off from how I normally eat; someone that lives on Sonic, Whataburger, and prepackaged grocery store food will have a more drastic adjustment). Other programs I’ve tried had me going nuts after a week, but I’m not crazy… yet. I think this coming week will be telling, because I woke up this morning craving carbs like crazy. I did just spend the past week somewhat carb deprived, and just had 2 days in a row of no carbs, so I’m not surprised my body is saying to me “What the hell have you been doing? Feed me, damnit!”. My breakfast this morning had an apple, nectarine, 1/2 cup of oatmeal, 1 tomato (and 40g whey) and I just inhaled it. So, this week might be a little more nuts for me as my body learns to adjust, but I hope it’s like any sort of extinction burst — it gets worse before it gets better, and that I’m starting on the worse phase now and that it will in fact get better in the coming weeks.

BTW, while I hate eating chicken breasts, I found what might become a livable solution. I can buy these 5 lbs. bags of frozen, raw, deboned chicken breasts at the store. Heat up the Weber grill to about 375º, throw the frozen breasts on the grill, cook for 60 minutes, done. Advantage? Much easier than trying to cook that much in the kitchen, less time consuming. I can also throw on some wood chips to smoke and add a lot of flavor to the meat. Halfway through the cooking, you turn them; so at that time I brush the breasts lightly with some olive oil and lemon juice. Yes, this turned out chicken breast meat that didn’t suck.

Also, Tony Chachere’s creole easoning? Great seasoning, but do NOT use it as a rub. Gonna be choking down some salty-as-hell fatija meat this week too. I’m glad I opted to cook a bunch of brown rice as a primary carb source for this week — will help cut the saltiness.

Yes, I’m trying to cook a bunch of food on Sunday, to facilitate eating the rest of the week. Never done that before, so we’ll see how it goes. But at least looking at the past week, it was sure handy.

Enough about diet! On to the lifting.

First, my left shoulder is still not 100% from whatever I did this past Friday. It’s MUCH better, but it’s still going to be a few days. Nevertheless, lifting today seemed fine but I was willing to can it in the name of shoulder health if needed. Thankfully that wasn’t necessary.

The lifting itself felt good. This program is certainly an ass-kicker. I also think that doing bench work on Monday is going to be a good thing. I normally like to squat on Monday, but I think if the diet continues like it does (2 days in a row of no carbs), that squatting on Monday would be too much. I was feeling drained today, but I certainly perked up as the session progressed. I felt really good with the BHP.

Only got one more rep, in total, in the bench work sets compared to last week. So not much progress, but progress is progress. I also felt more comfortable today with the program. So we’ll see how progress goes. Liking things so far.

Based upon Paul Carter’s Basebuilding

  • Bench Press (model 1)
    • bar x 5
    • bar x 5
    • 115 x 5
    • 130 x 4
    • 155 x 3
    • 170 x 2
    • 190 x 1
    • 170 x 8
    • 170 x 8
    • 170 x 8
    • 170 x 7
    • 170 x 4
  • Machine Flies
    • 75 x 10
    • 75 x 10
    • 75 x 10
    • 75 x 10
  • Behind the Neck Press
    • 80 x 10
    • 80 x 10
    • 80 x 10
    • 80 x 8
  • Hammer Curls
    • 25e x 10
    • 25e x 10
    • 25e x 10
    • 25e x 8

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