2014-08-01 training log

No gym today.

I’m officially starting with Renaissance Periodization. Paid my money for 6 months of diet protocol.

Yeah… 6 months. I reckon I’ve probably got 50# to drop, at least.

Today, day off. Rest up. Work and personal life will be kinda crazy and stressful the next few days, so I figured more rest and reduction/removal of anything stressful that I could (including lifting) would be good.

Next week… Monday I’m going to test squat and deadlift. Wednesday I’ll test bench. And then after that, whenever the RP stuff is ready to go, I’ve done the needed shopping to get started, etc….. well… then I start.

Lifting will be bodybuilder style. I actually may start off with basebuilding, but that may be too much for the diet. Still, I’ll stick with it as long as I can, then transition to bodybuilding style if it’s just too much. The goal is fat loss, and the lifting direction will be to support that.

Here we go!

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