2014-07-28 training log

Good day.

I wouldn’t call it a +10%, but it was still good. Got a lot more sleep over the weekend. I realized my problem is simple: I’m stressed. This new life of freelancing is causing me a lot of stress. So I fall asleep, I wake up when I do for whatever reason (have to pee, body alarm says so, whatever), but then instead of allowing myself to go back to bed my brain starts running at a million miles an hour because I think about all the things I have to do or that are stressing me out or whatever… and I slowly create a sleep deficit. So this past weekend, I napped a bunch. That helped. I need to allow myself to nap — isn’t that part of why I started freelancing? so I could have more control over my schedule? I just haven’t been allowing myself because the stress work is getting to me and there’s always something that I feel I need to address now. Well… the lack of sleep is causing everything to suffer. So, if that means I only get 6 hours straight but then I take a 1-2 hour nap or a couple 30 minute naps, then whatever so be it. I HAVE to allow myself to recover and manage stress.

In fact it’s funny. At the gym this morning a new issue of Flex magazine was there. I flipped through it between sets. There was an article about recovery, and of course all it did was shill for some supplements — not one word said about SLEEP! I know sleep is key, I just need to, once again, remember to make it a priority. It’s the only way I’m going to manage the stress in my life.

Otherwise, the lifting went well. Squats were a little messy because I was just so focused on powering up out of the hole — I refused to be stapled, I refused to cut the squat short, so my main focus was full body tightness and power…. but so much on the power I sometimes lost the tightness and would find myself falling forward a bit. Oh well.

One thing that got me was the pause squats. 230# will always be a significant number for me because it was the plateau I hit so long ago with my squats and I struggled to get over. And now? I hit 295 for a pretty easy single, and 5 pause squats at 230 and didn’t really have a problem. It’s a constant reminder to me of my progress.

Deads were heavy. Felt good to get over 400 finally, but it’s all getting heavy. Not impossible, but heavy for sure.

Looking forward to finishing this cycle, seeing how things test out, then starting down a new road. Which reminds me… I need to send my questionnaire back to the Renaissance Periodization guys today.

Based upon Paul Carter’s Strong-15 (LRB365)

Phase 3-3, Week 2-3

  • Squats – cycle goal: 325
    • BW x 10
    • BW x 10
    • bar x 5
    • bar x 5
    • 160 x 5
    • 190 x 4
    • 220 x 3
    • 245 x 2
    • 260 x 1
    • 285 x 1
    • 295 x 1
  • Pause Squats
    • 230 x 5
  • Deadlift – cycle goal: 445
    • 225 x 5
    • 265 x 4
    • 315 x 3
    • 355 x 2
    • 375 x 1
    • 390 x 1
    • 415 x 1
  • Deadlift – Back off
    • 355 x 3

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